We don’t need to look far to see signs of the hardship being experienced by many in our community. From housing to groceries, keeping the heat on and the water running; from the social isolation of the pandemic to the social isolation of poverty; and from the mental health challenges of intergenerational trauma to the stress and anxiety brought on by constant change, the needs and the problems are all around us. But thankfully, so are the solutions.

At United Way of Calgary and Area, we and the agencies we partner with see every day the increasing complexity of the needs in our community. Rarely existing on their own, life challenges cross and touch on many areas of our lives; at the same time, often deeply affecting the lives of those around us.

With our mutual goal of improving life outcomes, United Way and our partner agencies have identified four areas of focus that are key considerations in our investments, and in the development of community-based programs and initiatives. By focusing on social sector solutions that address Mental Health, Socioeconomic Well-Being, Social Inclusion, and Healthy Relationships from a systems-change perspective, we’re targeting the root causes of social issues, as we work towards better, more coordinated systems of care for people.

Explore the four areas of focus, and find out how, by surrounding individuals with the supports they need, we create a community where all can thrive.

Mental Health

Socioeconomic Well-Being

Social Inclusion

Healthy Relationships

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