The biggest issues facing our community today can be tough to see and even tougher to solve. Calgary and its surrounding area continues to be a rapidly-growing metropolitan area in Canada with more than 1.3 million residents. In our fast-paced society it can be hard to slow down, and easy to ignore the people—and problems—around us.

So it’s time to coax these issues out of the shadows before they compound and become harder to solve. Let’s face them head on instead of turning a blind eye.

Dig into these local issues below to learn more about them and discover what United Way—together with the support of people like you—is doing to move the needle on them. Once you’ve found your passion project, read up on how you can help solve it.

Ready, set, go.

Mental Health

Social Isolation

Domestic Violence

Intergenerational Trauma

Readiness for Success

School & Career Success

Basic Needs

Financial Stability

Employment Opportunities

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