Healthy Relationships

Why do we invest in healthy relationships?

Healthy relationships with family, friends, and other natural supports are an important part of individual and community wellness. By helping to reimagine programs and initiatives that ensure the households our families live in are safe and supportive environments, we are building the bedrock for safe relationships.

The Stats

4,723 victims of violent crime reported to police in Calgary in 2022.

4 in 10 Calgarians are or have been in relationships that are abusive or show signs of abuse.

Seniors are most at risk of elder abuse from friends or acquaintances by family members, and strangers.

1 in 5 women who access a violence against women shelter return to live with their abuser as they are unable to transition to safe, affordable, or adequate housing.

Impact Stories

Meet a few of the people whose lives have been improved thanks to support from people like you.


Ash is a grade 12 student who lives independently. After leaving home more than a year ago, she took on many adult responsibilities well before many other teenagers.


Giving back can be life changing. For Michele, it was also life saving.


When Travis realized some of his neighbours were struggling during the pandemic, he knew just how to help.

Impact in Action

Community Hubs

A city-wide initiative that provides access to vital supports and services, and turns strangers into friends.

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Healthy Aging Alberta

Learn how this rich network is helping to make Alberta one of the best places in the world to grow older!

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