Honour Roll

Celebrating Calgary's Most Notable Philanthropists

United Way’s Honour Roll recognizes the remarkable contributions
people across our community have made to improve local lives.

President and CEO’s Message

Karen Young, President & CEO

Anyone who knows me has undoubtedly heard me say that no one does anything on their own. Indeed, the toughest challenges in our communities cannot and will not be solved by any one person or organization.

That’s the beauty of United Way of Calgary and Area.

Our social impact organization is a strategic convener and committed partner, working with donors, agencies, volunteers, workplaces, and government to build a community where everyone can thrive.

2023 was a challenging year for many.

The affordability crisis impacted our friends, our loved ones and our sector in a myriad of ways. It demonstrated, once again, the interdependence of the issues we individually and collectively face: socioeconomic well-being, mental health, social inclusion and healthy relationships.

It also demonstrated our collective power. Calgarians are never ones to back down from adversity, and this year was no different.

We rose to the challenge, mobilizing our community to address our city’s immediate needs and seek out long-term solutions. We harnessed the passion, connections and expertise of agency and community partners to help create a resilient and caring community. And we worked with donors whose gifts, big and small, transform our social landscape and help ensure nobody gets left behind.

The Honour Roll is a testament to the possibility philanthropists like you enable – we can’t do it without you.

Thank you for being an important part of Calgary’s past, present and future. United, we can accomplish so much.


Karen Young
President & Chief Executive Officer
United Way of Calgary and Area

Inspiring Others to Give

We are honoured to recognize visionary families who made a tremendous impact on our campaign in 2023.

Leslie & David Bissett, Lorne & Patricia Gordon, Michael & Donna Kanovsky, and Bob & Michele Michaleski offered to match any new Leader or Major Donor gifts in full, and match the growth portion of all increased Major Donor gifts. Additionally, Rick & Deb Gallant, Art & Deborah Korpach, and Phil & Francine Welch, generously matched a portion of donations made for the first time via Gift of Securities.

The philanthropy demonstrated by these families inspired many to become Leader or Major Donors for the first time, encouraged existing Major Donors to grow their gifts, and promoted Gifts of Securities as strategic and effective giving tool. Thank you to the 2023 match donors for motivating Calgarians to invest in creating a resilient and caring community where everyone thrives.

Clockwise from top left: Leslie & David Bissett, Lorne & Patricia Gordon, Michael & Donna Kanovsky, Phil & Francine Welch, Art & Deborah Korpach, Rick & Deb Gallant, Bob & Michele Michaleski.

Million Dollar Roundtable

Million Dollar Roundtable logo

The Million Dollar Roundtable is a prestigious group of local people who have each entrusted $1 million or more to United Way throughout their lifetime. Leading by example, these philanthropists believe in the potential of all Calgarians and recognize the positive changes they can make by investing in their communities.

These Million Dollar Roundtable members have a profound, long-term, and meaningful impact in our community.

The Estate of JC Anderson
John Anderson
R W “Bill” Andrew
Criterium Group – Robin & Dale Auld
Bill & Irene Bell
Richard & Cathy Bird
David & Leslie Bissett
Nolan & Carol Blades
Estate of Steven Blitz
Hugh & Laureen Borgland
Rick F Braund
Heather Braund
Mike & Jacquie Broadfoot
The Brown Family
BURNCO Family Foundation
Marlie & Steve Burtt
Neil & Katherine Camarta
Carrera Foundation
Mrs Alice Chan & Dr Chen Fong
Lynn D Chouinard
Alec Clark & Sloan Pipella-Clark
Cornhill Family
Howard & Michelle Crone
Michael & Heather Culbert & Family
Jim Davidson
Donna & Lorenzo Donadeo & Family
Estate of Charles Wallace Drew
N Murray Edwards
Brian & Stephanie Felesky
Shane & Roxanne Fildes
Nancy & Dave Forbes

Estate of James Garner
Patricia & Lorne Gordon
Dick & Lois Haskayne
Jim & Susan Hill
Howden Family Fund
Barry & Maureen Jackson
Barbara & David Johnson
Kanovsky Family Foundation
Pentti Karkkainen & Denise Turner
Melissa, Sam & Van Kolias & Family
Art & Deborah Korpach
Gordon Lackenbauer & Jesse Trapp
LAMP family fund
Michael Lang
John & Sheilagh Langille
Francis & Marjorie Lefaivre Foundation
Nancy Lever & Alexander Pochmursky
Alvin Libin, Bobby Libin & Family
Larry & Gloria Macdonald
D Keith MacDonald Foundation
The MacIntyre Family
Keith & Kathy MacPhail
Mann Family Foundation
Allan P Markin
Ron Mathison
R Bruce McFarlane & Janice Heard
Peter and Adele McKeen
Michele & Bob Michaleski
Michael & Margaret Minchau
John & Karen Murphy
Ted & Margaret Newall

David & Gail O’Brien
Marge & Stan Owerko
Tom & Kathy Pinder
Poelzer Family Foundation
Terry & Marion Poole
Alex & Kelly Pourbaix
Gordon & Jill Rawlinson
Clay & Vi Riddell
Mike & Sue Rose
Vera A Ross
Glen & Erin Rumpel
Sarjeant Family
Jim Saunders & Glenda Nystuen
The Donald & Eleanor Seaman Family Foundation
Seasons Family
Mike & Lorraine Seth
Bill & Sharon Siebens
Hank & Carol Swartout
Swift Family Foundation
Dawn & Jack Thrasher
Michael J & Renae N Tims
Jeff & Kim Van Steenbergen
Mac & Susan Van Wielingen
Phil & Francine Welch
Ronald & Melissa Wigham
W Brett Wilson & Family
Andrew & Nancy Wiswell
Brad & Tanya Zumwalt
5 Anonymous Donors

Major Donors

Major Donors logo

Major Donors generously give $10,000 or more annually to help United Way find lasting solutions that address the diverse and complex needs of our city. As leaders in our community, these donors believe Calgary is better when people have access to resources and opportunities. Major Donors know that we all benefit when every person in our community has the tools they need to build the kind of life they envision for themselves.

Sharon Siebens

David & Leslie Bissett

1 Anonymous Donor

Eastham Family TF
Mike & Sue Rose WU

Ronald & Melissa Wigham

Andrew & Nancy Wiswell

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

John Anderson
R W “Bill” Andrew
Baker Family Foundation TF
Bayle Family
Richard & Cathy Bird
Hugh & Laureen Borgland
Mike & Jacquie Broadfoot TF
The Brown Family
Alec Clark & Sloan Pipella-Clark
Cornhill Family
Michael & Heather Culbert & Family
Estate of Charles Wallace Drew TF
Susan Evans TF
Fernyc Family
Shane & Roxanne Fildes
Patricia & Lorne Gordon

Rick & Ingrid Green TF
Rebecca Hotchkiss
Howden Family Fund TF
Perry Jasson
Barbara & David Johnson
Kanovsky Family Foundation
Irv & Maureen Koop TF
Gordon Lackenbauer & Jesse Trapp
Ron & Karla Laing
John & Sheilagh Langille
Nancy Lever & Alexander Pochmursky
Alvin Libin, Bobby Libin & Family
Larry & Gloria Macdonald
The MacIntyre Family
Mike & Annette MacSween
Peter & Adele McKeen

Michele & Bob Michaleski
David & Gail O’Brien
Marge & Stan Owerko
Tom & Kathy Pinder
Poelzer Family Foundation
Terry & Marion Poole
Alex & Kelly Pourbaix
H E Beth Rankin
Gordon & Jill Rawlinson
Glen & Erin Rumpel
Kim Sarjeant & Family WU
The Sarjeant Family
Dawn & Jack Thrasher
Jonathan & Chennene Wright TF
Grant Zawalsky & Lynda Williamson

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

David Boone & Jane Poole
Paul & Ailsa Brereton
The Byler Foundation
Carlson Family
Gregory & Sandra Davidson
Jim Dinning & Evelyn Main
Lanny & Dixie Fenwick
Carrie & Kent Ferguson
Nancy & Dave Forbes
Dick & Lois Haskayne
Christine & Lee Horne
Barry & Maureen Jackson
Lee Ann Johnson & Purdy Smith WU
Art & Deborah Korpach
Kuipers Family Foundation

LAMP Family Fund TF
Steve Laut & Lori Egger
Jack & Louise Lee
The MacNeill Family Foundation
Keith & Kathy MacPhail
R Bruce McFarlane & Janice Heard WU
Gina & Tim McKay
Michael & Margaret Minchau
Al & Laurie Monaco
Graydon & Dorothy Morrison Fund at Calgary Foundation
Alan & Shelly Norris
Palmer Family Foundation
Chris & Holly Potter
Brian Robinson & Karen Kirker

John & Anita Rossall
The Donald & Eleanor Seaman Family Foundation
Seasons Family
Carol & Larry Shaw
Gerry & Kassi Silvis
Barb & Bill Slavin
Kris & Sandra Smith
Betty & David Smith
Michael J & Renae N Tims
Jeff & Kim Van Steenbergen
Bruce & Carol Waterman
Phil & Francine Welch
3 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Harold & Betty Allsopp
Rene & Marguerite Amirault
Brett & Cathy Anderson
Derek & Danielle Beatty
George & Colleen Bezaire
Nolan & Carol Blades
Ron & Janice Blakely
Doug & Rosemary Bonner
Wendy Booker-Urban & Daniel Urban
Brenneman Family Fund via Calgary Foundation
Josie & Ken Bruce
David & Kathryn Carey
Family of Jack Carter TF
Paul & Lesley Charron
Connie & Murray Cobbe
Peter & Kim Cohos
Crothers Family Fund TF
Daniel Family Foundation
Andrew Evans & Janice LeDrew
Robert & Joanne Feick
Brian & Stephanie Felesky TF
Wayne Foo & Family
Rick & Deb Gallant
Carol & Frank George
Glen & Nancy Gift Fund
On behalf of Nyah Green
John & Lisa Guderyan
Brian & Dijana Hamm
Karen & Doug Haughey

Tim & Susan Hearn
Chari & Dale Hohm
Linda Hohol & Family
Kirker Family
Knowlton Family
Chris Kowalski & Lisa Squance
Cam Kramer & Liana Thorburn
Eric & Christie Le Dain TF
Drew & Robin Livingston
Marion Family
Bernie & Jan McCaffery
Lorraine Mitchelmore & Kevin Kelly
Dr Lori Montgomery WU
Andrew & Rachel Moore WU
Peter & Lorraine Moore WU
The Gwyn Morgan & Patricia Trottier Foundation
J & J Morin
Barbara & Michael Morin
Jana Mosley & Family
John Peltier
Carrie Phillips
Cameron & Taylor Plewes
Ruth & Garry Ramsden-Wood
Tyler & Karalyn Reardon
Glen & Jeanette Richardson
Ken Saunders & Denise Onysko
Greg & Brenda Schultz
Robin & Susan Scott
Mike & Lorraine Seth

Dean Setoguchi
Bruce Simpson
Lee & Steve Sinclair
Roger & Lorna Smith
Jaret Sprott
Micheal & Kathryn Stadnyk
James M Stanford
Starland Foundation
Bill & Joan Stedman
The Margaret & Andrew Stephens Family Fundation
Craig & Lauri Story & Family
Rob & Jill Symonds
Tamaki Family Fund
Stuart & Maureen Taylor
Deb & Scott Thon
Bill & Evelyn Vandenhengel
Mike & Miranda Verney
Jeremy Wallis & Erin Barr
Adam & Jan Waterous
Bradley Wells
Wilde Family
Cathy & Bruce Williams
Mark D Wiseman
Andy Wong
Wynveen Family
Ian Young & Catherine Barrett
5 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

The Aaron Family
Daniel Adams & Elaine Arthur
Jim & Marien Aitken
Robert & Joyce Algar
Cindy & Garnet Amundson
Dustin & Kim Anderson
Terry Anderson
Ardolino Family
Phuong Atton
Peggy & Matt Aufricht
Louis & Carmie Auger
Tiffany & Kevin Austin
Tonya & David Baboneau
Kevin Baggott
Douglas Baldwin
Jim & Susan Banister
Scott Barron
Mike & Gail Bartel
Sean & Maegen Beattie
Dr Werner J Becker
Paul & Michele Beitel
Céline Bélanger WU
Jim & Cindy Bertram
Estate of Steven Blitz TF
Colin & Sacha Bloom
Jim & Ann Booker
Carolyn & Neil Bosch
Myles & Kim Bosman
Brian & Jennifer Boulanger
Cam & Lisa Boulton
Ashley Boyd
William Brebber & Carmen Gareau
Gary Bugeaud & Vicki Kendrick
Donald & Marlene Campbell
Nicholas & Kallie Campbell
M Elizabeth Cannon & Gérard Lachapelle

Brad & Christa Carter
John & Tanya Causgrove
Allan & Dinna Cheng
Barbara & Gerald Chipeur
Brett & Catriona Chorney
Don & Kathy Clague
Andrew Claridge
Kelsey Clark & Christie Barron
Estate of D Madge Clark TF
Noel Cleland
Ted & Yanka Cochrane Memorial Fund
Sean Collins
Chris & Lara Conrad WU
Robi & Teresa Contrada
Richard & Bethany Coombs
Shawn Cornett WU
Brad & Joan Corson
Gaylene & Daryl Cowie
Henry & Linda Crawford
Ed & Jean Czaja
Andrew & Tori Dabisza
George & Janet de Boon
Dr Laura “Lolly” & Mike de Jonge
Robert Delaney & Joanne Caple
Carrie & Clive Dewar
Cynthia & Dan Di Stefano
John & Anna Dielwart
Gary & Anne Dundas Family
Paul & Valerie Dunsmore
Douglas Todd & Janice Dyer
Tom & Linda Ebbern
The Ens Family
Jon & Jill Faber
Michael Fawcett
Adam Fellows & Sara Staples
Laurine & David Fillo

Claudia & Randy Findlay
Brian & Tammy Fischer
Carmen & Chris Folan
Brian & Kate Gallen
Philip & Yoko Galvin
Gaponow Family Foundation
Karen & Greg Genoway
Robert Ghazal & Claudia Scolaro
Barbara Gilmurray & Mark Suchan
Siobhan Goguen WU
Cameron & Lauren Goldade
Jolene & John Gordon
Donald G Gow & Lorna Earl
Brad & Audrey Grant
James K Gray & Family
Claire & Travis Greenwood
April Grosse & Phil Scheibel WU
Roland & Trish Guenette TF
Denise & Robert Hamilton
Mary Hansen & Bill Terry
Michael & Patricia Hantzsch
Mungo & Barbara Hardwicke-Brown
Robert, Gina & Sara Harting
Robin Harvie
Hasan Family
The Hatcher Family
Daniel & Kathy Hays
Don & Ida Heron Foundation
Tracey & Curtis Hicks
Diana & Joe Horler
Andrea Hopps & Michael Mezei
Terry & Christine Horne
John & Joanne Howard
The Hughes Family
Clarke & Adele Hunter
Najef Husain

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Martin Ignasiak, KC & Sharon Colbert
Karla & Charles Ingoldsby
Naushad & Yasmin Jamani WU
Marielle James
Todd & Korina Jensen
Randy & Cheryl Jespersen
Terry Johnson & Patricia Cameron
Lesley & Marc Joiner
Darshan & Diana Kailly
Rona & David Kamitakahara
Pamela Kazeil & Noah Umholtz WU
Gord & Joanne Kerr
Darcy & Jennifer Kerwin
Ian & Margaret Kilgour
Maureen Killoran & Ray Daniels
Jennifer & Rob King
Tim & Alana Kitchen
Brad Kohlsmith
Derek Koppe & Sandy Koehn
Amanda & John Kousinioris
Kremnica – Khan Family
Kruse Family
Kubik Family
Mark & Beth Kuhn
David & Linda LaBarre
Michael Lang
Dan & Inge Lannon
A Ronald & Barbara J Law
Darrell & Debra Law
Hilda Lawson
Greg & Dixie Lefebre
Gillian Bishop Lefebure
David LeGeyt

Dion Legge
LeGresley Family Foundation
Matt & Kathy Lindsay
Joel & Sally Lipkind
Brian Livingston & Michele Power
Bob Lock & Erica Sharp
Nancy Love & Mitch Shier
Jason Luinenburg
Bruce Lukey & Susan Bauerfind
Kasper Lund

Lunt Family WU
Nicholas Ma
Gerald & Eileen Macey
James & Brenda Mackie
Ms. Jane Mactaggart WU
Stan & Ellen Magidson
Patrick Maguire & Sherry Kachur
The Mair Family
Robert Maitland & Elaine Montgomery
Maki & Volynko Family
Brad Marcotte & Alexandra Tims
John & Pat Martin
Liya Mathew
Jeff & Marilyn McCaig
Maurice Wayne McCaig
Trevor & Melanie McDonald
Michael McIntosh
James G McKee
Michael & Laurie McKerracher
Hayley Scott & Rachael McKerracher
Alistair McKnight
Ian & Donna McLeod
Brian & Pamela Melhoff

Paul Mendes & Carola Preusser
John Merrett
Kansie Merrill
Erica & Jeff Meunier
Kelsey Meyer
K & A Miller
Lucy Miller & Blaine Maciborsky
Brian Mills & Susan Tyrrell
Bruce Milner & Anik Champagne
Callum & Victoria Moore
Amy & Phil Morin
Al & Donna Morrison
Mark & Trish Morrison WU
Tom Mullane & Sarah Scott
Barry & Val Munro
Paul & Lisa Murphy
Patrick & Robyn Murray
Michael Mysak & Loretta Lefenko
Navin & Shiraz Nazerali
Byron & Lisa Neiles
Patricia Newson
Carl & Diana Nickle Fund
Tammy & Warren Nishimura
Susan O’Brien WU
O’Donoghue Family Fund
Emma Oldreive
Beth & Dick Olver
Patricia O’Reilly WU
Hugh & Tracye Osler
Osprey Chateau Foundation
Deanna Ott & Allan de Paiva WU
Randy & Marjie Ottenbreit

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Stephanie Pankratz & Aman Bagga WU
Ian & Lisa Parker
Cindy & Dan Parliament
Warren Pashkowich & Barbara Lee
Menal Patel
Brendan Paton
Jim & Cheryl Peacock
Jeff Pearson & Kate Page
Chris & Veronique Perks
Terry Peters
Brian & Susan Petersen
Jim & Margaret Phoenix
Pinhey Family
Wendy Poirier
Rory & Vicki Polson
Shane & Tara Popowich
David & Deb Potter
Bill & Maggie Pringle
Doug Proll & Sylviane Lippert
John & Sandy Read
Anita ReMartinez WU
Andrew & Paula Richardson
Jerry & Cathy Richardson
Ben & Heather Rogers & Family
Jeannie & Bob Rooney
Chris Rousch & Nicole Lilge
Charles & Jacquie Ruigrok
Sharon & Wendell Samoil
Schwartz Family
Craig D Senyk
Jennifer Silver

Ken & Nancy Skingle & Family
Allan & Deborah Skitch
Michelle & Kelly Sledz WU
Darwin Smith & Erica McBeth
Don & Susie Smith
Patricia & Michael Smith
Thomas Snowden & Barbara Veitch
Janet Soles & Rod Sobchishin WU
Jim & Ruth Spetz
Mark A Stainthorpe
Curtis Stang
Marty Staples
Terri Steeves
Anthony & Nobuko Strawson
Mark & Holly Stumpf
Murray & Lina Suey
Kristin & Todd Sutcliffe
Esther Suter & Randy Beaton WU
Ian D Tait
Roman & Jennifer Tanner
Janet & Rick Taylor
Adele Thomson
Mark Thorne
Marcello Tonelli
Betti-Rae & Larry Toole
Randy & Lori Anne Toone
S & C Torhjelm
Lesley & Craig Trail
Tuffs Family
Frank Turner & Courtney O’Connor
Van Brunt Family – Charitable Gift Fdn

John & Peggy Van de Pol
van Melle Family
Wilf & Betty Vielguth
Aidan & Karen Walsh
Vivek Warrier & Christina Chase-Warrier
Iain & DeAnn Watson
Pat Watson
Sheila Watson
Welty Family Foundation
Norma & Ron Westcott Foundation
David Whelan
John R Whelan & Michelle A Bailey
John Whelen & Storm Stewart
Beth & Rick Whitley
Bryce & Heather Williams
Lil Willmon
John & Mary Wilmot
Aldous & Vivian Wong Family
Warren & Nina Wood
Roger F Woodgate & Darlene Weger
Robert Woodrow
Ray & Agnes Woods
Chris & Joann Workman
Lorenia & David Wozney
Christopher & Jacqueline Wu
Deborah Yedlin & Martin Molyneaux
Doug, Amy & Jaime Yoshida
Karen Young WU
Sherry & Jason Zabinsky
43 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Leadership Donors

Leadership Donors logo

Leadership Donors in Calgary and the surrounding area continually support our community with their generosity. By giving $1,200 or more annually to United Way, Leadership Donors invest in initiatives that support people through difficult economic times. The initiatives help individuals develop sustainable livelihoods, take control of their finances, and build the confidence necessary to lead themselves and their families to a better future.

Carol Akbar
Dan & Gloria Allen
The Ambrozy family
Karen & Todd Anderson
Anita Arduini & Marc Godin WU
Joel Baldwin
Roy & Roberta Barr
Jeff & Judy Bergeson
Catherine Berry
Mike Bird
Vanessa Bissonnette
Anthony & Penny Bone
Paul & Kelly Bourassa WU
David Bridgman
Jim & Colleen Burgess
Daniel Butlin
Sean & Hilary Calder
Danny Cammaert WU
Campbell Family
Genevieve Carr
R Chakravorty
Rosita & Frank Chan

Mendy Chernos
Sarah Chiu
Terrance Chmelyk
Darren Christie
James Colburn
Couldrey Family
Judy & Steele Curry
Thomas Cyr
The Dabbs Family
Diane & Ken Dahlman
Jim Davidson
The Davies Family
Matt & Andrea Dawe
De Leeuw Family
Deane Family
Kathy & Gerry Deyell
Andre Dicaire
Janine & Chris Dilger
Kyle & Leanna Dobson
Charles & Anmargret Donald
Shirley Drotar
Tracy Duncan WU
Sandy & Scott Dyck

Bruce Edgelow
Irma Eggenkamp & Jeroen Stil WU
Robert & Nancy Engbloom
The Evans Family
S Evers
Maureen & Keith Fardy
Wes & Celeste Feick
Ryan & Laura Ferguson
Glen & Brenda Fischer
Mary & Chris Fong
Frank & Pat Foran
Patrick C Forrest
Bill & Leslie Fowlis
Kevin Frankiw
Eldon & Faye Fraser
Dr Brent & Mrs Denise Friesen
Patrick E Fuller Foundation
Gibson Family
Dan Grager
Julia & Samuel Gray
Brian Groundwater
Christine & Niels Gundesen

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

K Allison Hakomaki & Bill Moore
Tom Hansen
Marshall & Sarah Haughey
Rob Hawley
Deanna Hawley
Trevor Haynes
Toby Hendrie & Joan Hearn
David C Henley
Jennifer Henrey & Mike Hutton
Kelly Hewson
Jim & Susan Hill
Rebecca Holding WU
Kendra & Tim Holtby
Jim & Gayden Howe
Jim & Michelle Hueston
Detlev Imorde
Bronwyn Inkster WU
Harold & Julie Jacques
Don Janzen
Allen & Kim Johnson
Johnston Family
Bruce & Brenda Kenny
Eric & Melissa Kristjansson

LaBrie Family
Larke Family
James & Mabel Lebo
Justin Lee
Legate Family
Chris & Judy LeGeyt
Dan & Donna Lemoing
Curtis & Shari Lester
Teresa Leung
Ken Levene
Chris & Jocelyn Lewkowicz
The Lipkind Family
Lisa Listgarten
Herrick Liu
Julia Liu
Lopes Family
Alison Taylor Love & Andrew Love
Samson Lui
Charles D Lund
Trevor MacLean
Andy & Wendy Mah Family
Angela Mak WU
Eileen Marika

Bruce Massie
Joanne & Kent Mathewson WU
Patrick & Gail McCarthy
Dan & Frances McDonald
Melanie & Trevor McDonald WU
Craig McDougall & Erin Cunningham
Marilyn McElheran
Jim & Val McFarland
Ryan McKay
Dale & Claire McMaster
Leslie & Roger McMechan WU
Tim Meagher
Jeffrey Mellor
David & Susan Montemurro
Steve Murison
LP Murphy Charitable Fund
S V Nair & Family
David Ng & Tiffany Lam
John Niedermier
Norgaard Family
Oliphant Family
David Orr
Cathy Orr

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Matt & Jill Pachell
Joseph Palin
Brendan Part
John & Jean Partridge
Peabody Family Gift Fund
Jason Pederson
Larry Petropoulos
Ashraf Philips
Yee Sum Po
Polak Family
Faye & Allan Popp
Michele Power WU
Steve Power
Tiffany Power
Valerie Prather WU
Jeffrey Priest
Brian Prokop & Kathy Nunn
Kathy Pybus
D Radomsky
Sarah Raiss
John & Sandy Rathwell
The Real Family
Alex Reed
Renee Reichelt
Beth Reimer-Heck

Richards Family
Edward & Tara Rihn
Gina Ross
Darrin & Carla Ryan
Mark & Teresa Schweitzer
Kelly R H Shannon
Ron Shivji & Family
E Jane Sidnell
Alison & Brad Smith
David Spyker
Greg Stadnyk
Dave Steadman & Family
Ron & Sandra Steffan
Chris & Sandy Stephens
Scott Stephenson
Stephanie Stimpson & David Thomas WU
Strandberg Family
The Strickland Family
Sean & Dianne Stuart
Jim Surbey
Nicole Symington WU
Sysgen Solutions Group
John & Wilma ‘T Hart
Gordon Tallman & Family
R Taylor

Sylvia Teare
Rejean & Robin Tetrault
Michael Thompson
Grant & Colleen Thomson
Bruce Tumbach
Leah & Brett Turner
Nathan Underwood
Sabine Vantooren Dueck WU
Larry Vetsch
Rod & Betty Wade
J Walton WU
Robyn Wanner & Shawn Lewis
Andrew Warkentin
Warkentin Family
Ian & Shari Watson
Richard & Patricia Way
K R White & Family
James R Wickson
Madigan Wilkinson WU
Roy & Erma Wilson
Michael Wood
Leanne & Blair Young WU
Jackie & Mike Zimmerman
57 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Shannon Abbott
Mohamed Abdulaziz
Steve & Vicki Adams
Joseph Aiello
Jeff Alexander
Marlowe & Wanda Allison
Prasanna Amatya
Chris & Rusty Anderson
John & Kelsey Anderson & Family
Lynnie & Forry Angus
Janet Annesley
Renee Anseeuw
The Antony Family
Alba Apuzzo
Kelsey Armstrong & Mike Steele WU
Henry & Janet Assen
Wiley & Eva Auch
Ayres Family
Kristin Baetz WU
Joel E Balkam
D&B Balog Family
Tanis Barr
Barsoum Family
Harinder Basra & Sonia Butalia
Tim Beach
William & Sandra L Beamer
Nicole Beaton
Mitch & Kim Beauchamp
Chi Beers
John Belsham
La famille Belzile
Ryan Berrett
Brian Bidyk
Sean & Cindy Bigler
Simon Biickert
Teresa & Vern Black
Katie Black
Deborah Blakeman
Katherine & Matt Blaschuk
Brian & Joan Blondahl
Boettger Pearce Family
John-Michael & Kaitlan Boothby
Mike D Born
Bishoi Botros
Jordan Bowie
Shawn & Lisa Brade
Darryl Brailsford
Denise D Bright WU
Peter Brimacombe
Bristo Family
Mike & Lyndsey Bristow

Nora Britney
Darryl Brooks
Ted & Christine Brown
Tim Buckley
Brad Bulger
John Bunting
Christine Bureaud (René Bureaud)
Sean & Beth Bush
Corine Bushfield
Caldwell Family
Gordon Cameron
Campbell Family
Carroll Family
Paul Carson
Mike & Jennifer Cecconi
Ray & Margot Cej
Kristin & Jan Cerny
Angel Rafael Chacon
Dave Challoner
Suzanne Chamberlain WU
Chatwin Family
Brenda & Rod Cheresnuik WU
Mark Christensen
Mary & Liam Christie
Jan Ciborowski
The Clee Family
Pat Cloutier
Jordan Colebrook
Brian & Lynda Colgan
Olivia Colic
Dave & Nancy Connolly
Lana Costello
Mike & Joey Cowan
Donald Coward
Jack & Linda Crawford
Crocq Insurance Agency Inc
Debra Crossman WU
Karen & Doug Crowther
Andrew Cullen
Heather & Glenn Dagenais
Stacey & Stuart Dalgleish
Dancyger (Morris & Ann) Philanthropy Fund at Calgary Foundation
Murray & Grace D’Angelo
Jeff & Julie Davidson
Dwayne Dawkins
the Dawson Family
Steven Day
Alice de Koning WU
Joan Dennis
Kiel Depoe

Tanya Dickison
W S Dirksen WU
Dan Doll
Donnelly Family
Drake Family
Rob Dressler
Roswita Dressler
Ann Driscoll & Jim McGeer WU
Josee Duchesne
D Dufresne & N Geoffrion
Whitney Eberle
Trent & Victoria Edwards
Marjan Eggermont WU
Timothy Ellam
Christy Elliott
Cristin Embury
David Engel
Elliott Family Fund
Robert & Norma Farquharson
Brad Fedora
Derek Fenty & Judi Patterson
Andrea Fiedler WU
Maxine Firmston
Kelly Flood WU
Doug & Nancy Foster WU
Shirley Foster
Margery Fowke WU
Allan Frankiw
Nicholas Gafuik
Geislinger Family
Cindy Gerl WU
William Ghali
Gian Family
Jennifer & David Gies
Simpson Gilbert WU
Ross Glen
Michael & Jo-Ann Glover
Jennifer Golden
Gomes Family
Terri & Linda Gomke
Allen Gransch
Arthur Grayfer
Jeff Green
V Richard Green
David & Cheryl Griep
Debra & Philip Grubbe
Gruending Family
Dave & Diane Guichon
Dennis & Joanne Guy

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Shamina Hakda
Frederick & Constance Hall
Timothy J Hamilton
Connie Hamilton WU
Jim & Dana Hand
Jackie Harbidge WU
Brynne Harding & Tom Sloan
Chris & Cari Hargreaves
Gary Hart
Leo Hartfelder
Michael Harvey & Claire Fitzpatrick
Chris Haubrich
Tejay Haugen
Jamie Heard
Larry & Jean Henderson
Stewart Henderson & Family
Herbert Family
Jan & Mark Herman
Allan & Jenny Hiebert
Lucia Higgins (nee Luu) WU
Neil Higgins
Higham Family
Kelly & Barrie Hill WU
Phil Ho
Steven Hoffort
Rachel Holloway WU
Chris & Janice Hooper
Houghton Family
Bernice Houston
Kimberly Howard
Carol Huang
Peter & Linda Huggard
Beth & Terry Hughes
Bhushan & Jasmin Ivaturi
Allan W Jackson
Carla Jackson WU
Jagger Family
Kenneth James
Hanna Janzen WU
Juan Jarrah
Bill & Donna Jenkins
Kevin & Deborah Johnson
Jason & Misty Johnson
Robert Johnston
Melody Jones
Marian Jones
Shasta Kadonaga
Blake Kanewischer
Roger & Becky Kearns

Lynn & John Keating
Roger & Barbara Keefe
Todd Kemp
Diane Kenyon
James Kidd
R Kirby
Doug Kirker
Jeff Kitteringham
Ian Knox & Alison Saunders
Kevin & Karen Knutson
Rahul Kohli
D & J Krywolt TF WU
Kyle Kuchma
Melanie Kwong
C J Langpap
Stephen D Lathrop Jr
Hieu & Jennifer Le
Jade Lee
Louise Lee
Kathy Leew WU
The Lefebure Family
Nadja Lehmann
Richard Leigh & Margaret Kelly
Hin Leong
Tyson Leslie
Robert & Judy LeSourd
Paul & Donna Lessard
Karl Leung
Vicky Li
R Neil Likely
Brent Lines
Leslie & Cathy Lis
Liteplo Family
S J Little
Jeff Loomis
Doug J Loughead
Rick & Shelley Luckasavitch
Cindy Luu & Josh Giroux
Donalda MacBeath & Martin Mundry
Larry & Margie Macdonald
Robert MacDonald
Donald S MacKimmie
Kelty & Dan Macleod
John Macleod & Marguerite DeFreitas
Deborah L Magson WU
AJ & Maddox Mah
Ann Mallory WU
Anu & Jeff Marsh WU
Sarah Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall
Thomas & Brittany Matthews
Elaine Mazurick WU
Chandra Mazuryk
Jim McClimans
Brian & Jill McColl
Louise McCook
McFetridge Family
McKenna Family Fund
Patricia McKenzie
Sarah McLaren WU
John & Carol McLeavy
Denise McMullen
Alex & Stacey McNichol
The McVeigh Family
Meagher Family
Jaclyn Mersereau WU
Metz Family
James Midwinter & Pam Weber
Karen Mikkelborg WU
Alison F Miller
Byron Andrew Miller
Neil & Pam Miller
Mr & Mrs Lindsay & Patricia Miline
Eleanor & Jack Mintz
Mitschke Family
Lynn Moen
Ian & Joan Moffat
Susan Moffatt
Josh Monds
Jackie & Peter Morgan
David Morris
David & Karen Morton WU
Tim Mowrey
Sean Mudge
Kevin Mundle
Jordan Nail & Jessica Epp
Margaret & Roy Nelson
Robert & Leslie Newberry
Ron Newborn
Nguyen/Tran Family
JJ Nieuwenburg Family
Steve & Carolyn Nikiforuk
Steve Normore
Sarah Oldfield
Lisa & Barry Olsen WU
Omura Morrison Family Foundation

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Rick & Adelle Palmer
Papworth Family
Shane Parker
Gordon & Judy Paterson
Steve & Sari Paterson
Patterson Family
Greg & Linda Pauling
Rick & Taryn Pawluk
Dana Pearn
Jessica Pickel WU
Lorna Poffenroth WU
Jane & Kim Poirier
Alan Polak & Sheri Belanger
Jason Politylo
Selby & Annette Porter
Jennifer Pound
Adrienne Price WU
Peter Proverbs
Kelly Pypers
Alicia Quesnel
Joel & Sophie Racle
Don & Yolanda Rae
Gurjit/Gurinder Rai WU
Richard & Carol Ramsay
Mike Reynen
Scott & Steph Robertson
Brad Robertson
Jeffrey & Sherri Robichaud
Michael Robinson & Adrienne Price
Colleen Rogers & Steve Meadows
Jennifer & Bruce Rogers
Felipe Rojas
Melissa & Ricardo Rojas
Brian Rondeau
Elaine & Chuck Rose WU
David Ross
Katie Rosso WU
Rhonda & Dylan Roth WU
Bob & Barbara Runnalls
Brian Rutherford
Cayla Saby
Dorothy Stickles & Larry Saisho
Gordon Salahor & Kelly Hewson

Cathy Samuel WU
Doreen Sandercock
Walter & Carol Saponja
Chris Sarin
Sherry Saunders
Jennifer & Duane Schellenberg
Gibson & Nicole Scott
Gloria Sebulsky
Aman Sehdev
Seidel Family
Nels & Karen Seleshanko
Maria & Stephen Shaw
Dale Shwed
Alex Simpson
Hayden & Roni Smith Endowment Fund
Jacqueline Smith WU
Anna Snell
Denise Snyder WU
Larry & Eileen Sondrol WU
Dilawer Sonner
David & Maude Sorkilmo
Michael Spencer & Meghann Springett
Todd Stack
Randy Stamp
M A Stanfield
Thomas St-Denis
Donna Steckler
John Steidl
Harry Stellmach
Nicole Stephenson WU
David Stewart
Elizabeth Steyn
Christina & Mike Stobart WU
Melissa Stockes
Janice Stratton & Ian Robinson
Merv & Diane Strome
Jim & Cathy Suggett Legacy Fund
Matthew Sullivan
Dennis Sumara
Nicole & Trevor Sutton
Dennis & Elaine Sykora
Eric & Courtney Szmurlo
Barbara Tate

Mark & Michele Taylor
Alex & Claudette Taylor
Jarrod Tessier
John E Thorpe
Pamela Tisdale & Sean Wade
Mr & Mrs M Todd
Monty Tonelli
Kristin Tordon
Mike Traa
In Memory of Anna Pui Come Tsang
David Tupper
V & R
Shawn Vammen
Tim & Lyndsey VandeGriend
Kristin von Ranson WU
Barb von Wolzogen
Carl von Wolzogen
Andrew & Olga Waiand
Kenneth & Marion Walko
Chad Walton
Dan & Molly Wares
Martin & Sheila Wares
Brianna Wartman
Andrea Watters
The Weaver Family
Sherry Weaver
Jody & Bruce Webster
Sharon West & Northcott Family WU
L David Wilkins
Williams Family WU
Darin Williams
Keely Willment
Jim & Helena Willmon
Christopher Wong
Carolyn Wright
Andrew & Catherine Yates
Ying Family
Scott Yip
Ryan Young
Rose Yu
Michael Yuen
Olive, Rachelle & Gregory Yuzik
104 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Memory of Floyd Aberle
Syd Abougoush
Aburashed Family
Patrick Accadia WU
Nicole Adam WU
Beverly Lynn Adams
Kristyn Adams WU
Catherine Addison
Sola Adeyinka
Amy Agustin
Brian Ahearn
Evan Ahmed
Cory Akins
Late Haji Mohammed Ajaz TF
Liana G Albano
Alcock Family
Matt Aldridge
Jody Alexander
John G Alho
James Allan
Charlie & Donna Allegro
Greg Allen
Jeffrey Allison
Ginelle Alontave
Paul & Mary Amirault
Bentley & Diane Anderson
Allan & Teran Anderson
Christopher Anderson
Anderson Family
Leslie Anderson
Andrea & Michael
Sharmen Andrew
L & R Andrews Family
Doug & Charlotte Annable
Mark Annett
Jeff Aplin
Doug & Maureen Appel
William Appleby
Roberto Aquino Jr
Roland Ardiles
Susan Arnison
Maria Arnould
Timothy Arruda
Marc Arseneault
Tammy & David Aspinall
Fannie Y Au WU
Norman & Glenda Aubee
Diana Audino & Richard Tanner WU
Robbie Babins-Wagner & Neil Wagner WU
Ron & Cynthia Babiy

Ardit Baboci
Chelsea Backous
James R Bacon
Jana Baier
Brian Bain
Tara & Nathan Baines
Heather Balas
Chris Baldwin
Jane & Nigel Bankes & Family
Anna Baranski
Meg Barker
Mary A Barr
Gerry Barron
Allison Bartel
Calvin & Jennifer Bast
Lori Bast & Scott Schreiner
Christine Bastine
Graeme & Laureen Bate
Murray Bax
Heather & Roger Baxter
Dan Baxter
Beauregard Family
Mark Beckman
Mrs Nasima Begum TF
Laleh Behjat WU
Cory Beliveau
Bell Family
Tasha Bell WU
Rich Bell
Allan Gordon Bell
Celine Bellehumeur WU
Ashley Bennett WU
Karen Benzies
Conrad Bereznicki
Laura-Marie Berg
Jessica Bergen WU
Karen M Berger
Nathan Berko & Barbara Soles
Luc Berneche & Cindy Flaman
John Bertrand
Jarrod Beztilny
Kris Bibby
Raymond & Yvette Biggs
John Biles
Joan Bilsland
Peter Birkness
Rick & Tara Black
John & Irene Black
Mike & Bev Blancher
Chuck Boa
Michelle Bogren
Gary & Christina Boim
Charlie Bolan
Ann Boland
Arlana Bolton
Kevan M Bon Bernard
BMP Mechanical
Darren Bonar
David Bonin
Shirin Bonni
Renee & Thomas Boone
Glenn Booth

Diana Borak WU
Anirban Bosu
Jeff Boswell
Shannon Boucher
Marc Boulet
Ryan Bouma
Bourque Family
The Bowen Family
Scott & Rebecca Bower
John Bowey
Steven Boyd
Greg Brady
Braganza Family
Judy Bragg
Randy Brake
Adam Brandt
Jack Brandt
AP Braun
Heidi Bredenholler-Prasad
Kim Brenneis
The Bridgewater Family
Michael D Briggs
Matt Brink
Dr Evelyn Brisibe WU
Ashley & Nathan Brockhurst WU
Susan Brooke WU
Terry Brooker
Clinton & Mary Jo Broughton
Marilyn & Mark Brown Family Fund at Calgary Foundation
Gary & Margaret Brown
Brown Family
Heath Brown
Greg Brown & Dr Catherine Pearl
Brownless Family
Kyle & Maxine Bruggencate
Bryant Family WU
Brent Buchan
Jocelyn & Mike Bucholtz
Darryl W Buck
Janice Buckingham WU
Max Buckley
Sheldon Bueckert
Kevin & Cheri Burke-Gaffney Family
Bob & Rosemary Burns
Cynthia Burns
Julie Burns WU
Sharon & Royal Burritt WU
Andrew Burrowes
Janet & Darren Burrows
Chris Busch
Cynthia Busche-Hiebert
Eileen Butler
Brent Harold Button
Jean-Pierre Buyze & Margaret Korble
Brian C
Nicole C
Nicole Anna Cabaj
Jeff Cahill
Calfrac Well Services Ltd
Gavin Ian Cameron
Alex & Wendy Campbell Flow Through Fund at Calgary Foundation
Campbell Family
Gina Campbell
Cynthia Campbell WU
Heather Campbell
Seann Campbell
Canadian Projects Limited
Cane Family
Louise Capper
Card Family
Julian & Rina Cardinal
Sylvia Carpenter WU
Teresa & John Carruthers
Deanne Carson
Charles Carter
Carter Family
Julia Carter
Greg Cashin
Melissa M Cavanagh
Scott & Hanna Cedergren
Daniel Cederwall
Reyes Chaine Family
Lorraine Champagne
Matt Chan
Irving Chan
Jack Chan
Bryan Chan
Christopher K W Chan
Chandler Family
Dan Chapman
Shannon Chapman
Loraine Charlton WU
Bill Chase
Robert B Chattell
Joelle Chatwin
Kerry Checkwitch
Agnes & Marc-Andre Chen
Cindy Chen
Raymond Cheng
Alan Cheriyan
Stephen Chetner
Avery, Sage & Nolan Chew
S Childs
Ken & Kirsten Chmela
Karen & Ron Chow
Mr Rodney Chrbet
William Christensen
Erik Christensen

Tiffany Christiansen
Sam Chui
Meng & Craig Cikaluk WU
Maria Cismaru
Stan & Geraldine Clarahan
John & Trish Clark
Wendy Clay
Barrie Clayton
Steven Clemens
Seb Clement
Sandi Clermont
Ken Coburn
Michael H Cohen
Christa Cole
Michelle Colleton
Niamh Collins WU
Marty & Jan Collins
Christian Comeau
Lynn & Craig Connell WU
Jeff Conrad
Sean M Contenti
Francesco Contrada
Warren & Debbie Cook
Sean Cook
Melanie Cooke
Cookhouse Family
Jessica Cope Williams
Jonathon Andrew Copple
Jim Corry
Richard Couillard
Elmarie Course
Kieran Courtright & Julia Pasieka
Doug Couture
Terry Marie Crawler-Groves
Crist Family Foundation
Mr David Crombeen
Jim Crossfield
Barry Crump & Wendy-Anne Thompson
Adam Crutchfield
Ryan Cui
April Childs
Cumming Family
Candace Cummings-Hanni
Cupidio Family
K L Curtis
Troy Curzon
In Memory of Helen & Jack Cush TF
Ron Czemeres
Karol Dabbs
Nafiseh Dadgostar WU
Ross & Linda Dalgetty
Rhonda Dalquist
Jamie Dambrauskas
Deanna D’Amour WU
Winson Dan
Diane Danielson
Dao Family
Dinesh & Varsha Dattani
Morgan Davenport
Matt Davey
Gerald Davidson
Pam & Chad Davies
Erin Davies
Stuart Davies
Julie D’Avignon
Steve de Boon
Kevin Deane
Keith & Linda Dechant
Michele Deering
Rob DeGoeij
Jeff & Berenice DeGusti
Colleen Delany
Jason Deliman & Melanie Gaston
Dell Technologies
Dr Marie Delorme
Danielle Demmans
Aaron Dennis
Leslie F Dennis
Emily Denstedt WU
Jill Deschner
Tanya Desrosiers
Harminder Dhaliwal
Mumtaz Dhanani
Richard Dibb & Karen Krull
Daniel Dicaire
Lauren Diederichs
Leslie Dimion
Ron & Margaret Doherty
Tyler & Courtney Doherty
Carolyn Donaldson WU
Michael Donaldson
Dong Family
Stephen Dongworth
D & K Donnelly
Michael & Jennifer Doty
Linda Douglas
Curtis Dowhaniuk
Allison Dowling
Lea Draho
Draper Family
Annie Drouin
Carly Duerr WU
C Duggan
The Duha Family
Leo & Gisele Dumaine
Armela Duna WU
Leslie Duncan
Dean Duncan
Ann Dyck
Rob Dyer

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Don Eam
Linda Eastcott
Caroline Eastland
Katie Eaton WU
Jane Ebbern
Greg Ecker
Kevin Ede
Chris Edel & Family
Kathy Edillon
Dave Edwards & Julie Babchyshyn
Patty Egeland
Vince Eggleston
Richard Eisenbraun & Natalie Choma
Franklin Eldridge & Marnie Krell
Diana F Ellergodt
Deborah Emes
Ryan Engel
Brady Engen
English Family
Claire Ennis & Carl Feniak
Christopher Ens
Marcelo Epstein
Miranda & Russell Erickson
Errington family
Maria H Escobar
Alison Essery WU
Rose Anne Estrabo TF
Derek Etherington
Bruce Evelyn
Jeff Exmundo
Kelly Fagan
Grant & Penny Fagerheim
Bob & Lynne Falls
Robert & Catherine Fallwell
Ken & Jillian Faulkner
Fauquier Family
Raymond Featherstone
Christina Marie Fehr
Gail Feltham
Aidan & Claudia Felzien
Natalie Fenez
The Fenske Family
Ethan & Ryley Ferguson
Lindy Fergusson
Darren Ferleyko
Fernando Family WU
Nathan Fester
Kirby Fiander
Darren Fichter
Richard & Shirley Fillo
Donald Finley
Erin Finn
Fiona & Rowan
Fischbein Family Community Fund
Alysa Fischbein
Brian & Carolyn FitzGerald
W Duncan Fitzpatrick
Sharon Fleming WU
Flintoft Family
Choon Foong & Leonard Chow-Wah
John & Kelsey Forrest
Mathieu Fournier
David & Jesse Fowlis
Kimberley Fox
Chris Fralick
Katherine Francis
Brian Frank & Claire McKinnon
Kevin Franson
Richard Frayne
Pam & Dan Frederick
Frederickson Family WU
Larry & Debbie Freeman
D Friesen
Sharon Friesen
Mark Frisky
Jay Froc
John & Audrey Fry
Tracy Fryklund
Robb Fujczak
Andy & Bonnie Fulford
Futoransky Family
Myla Gadin
Paul & Teresa Gagne
Carol Gagne
Bob Galatiuk
Cameron Gale
Galloway Family
Tavin Gamache WU
Heidi Gammuac
Paul & Rosanna Gardner
Kimberley Gardner
Tim Gareau
David Gariepy
Mark Garner
Paul Garnier
Gates Family
Luc Gauthier
Lesa George WU
Amy George
Dianne Gereluk WU
Adriane Gerrard Gauthier WU
Garth Gettle
Yasmine Ghaly
Mauricio Ghelfi
Rajesh Ghosh
Nancy & Brian Giang
Gibson Family
Giggs Family
Paul Gill
Roxanne Gill
Randolph Gillard
Wayne Gillespie
Richard & Karen Gilmer
Melanie Gilmour
Jorge Gimon
Kevin Ginter
Lars Glemser
K & B Glenister
Danielle Glover
Alan Glover
Ruban Gnanakumar
Ken Godard
Wayne Godziuk
Kevin Goerz & Barb Stannard
Goerz Family

Harold Gold
Leo & Heather Golden
Goldie Family
Scott Gordon
Keith Gordon
Trevor Gosselin
Jonathan Gould
Patricia Graham
Cindy Graham
Darren Gramlich
Gina Grandy
Bart Grant
Ryan & Brenda Graves
Nancy Gray
David Green
Ann & Ernie Greenwood
Glen Greer
Darcy Gregoire
John Greuel
Cara Griffeth
Chad Grummett
Don Guglielmin
Julie Guimond
Nivine Guindy
Gulewich Family
Ashok Gupta
Brandy Hachey
Christopher & Deborah Hadden
Louis Hagey
Emmanuelle Hagey
David Haigh K C
Deborah Halvorsen & Harry Chandler
Sean Halvorsen
Hamblin family
Kevin Hamm & Liping Su
Moustafa Hanafy
Cindy & Dave Hands
Dr David Hanley
Derek Hann
Sean, Liz & Liam Hann
Sunsany & Jonathan Hanna
Robin Hannah
Chris & Nancy Hansen
Judy Hansen & Dave Flint WU
Jeff Hanson
Heather Hantos
Chris Harder
Chris Harding
Andrew Hardy
Allan Hargreaves, Patti Grier & family With thanks from Ronin Grier
Diane Harms, K C
Darlene Harris
Ashley Harris

Jo Anne Hart
Jason Hatcher
Dion Hatcher
Haubrich Family
Jennifer Haverhals WU
Tamara Hawco
The Hawkes family
Robyn Hay
Sharnagat S Hayer Family
Hayne family
Tim Hayward
E Christine Hayward
Jennifer Heath & Jeff Pollard
Jacques G Hebert
Miguel Hechavarria
Amanda Heck
Tracy Hecker WU
Catherine Heggerud
Brad Heidt & Family
Dale Hein
Heinrichs Family Fund
Doug & Shelley Heinz
Heinz Family
David Hengst
Neil & Melinda Henry
Michael G Henry
Julie N Henry
Patrice & Richard Henson
Hepler family
Kelly Hess
Beth Hessdorfer
Alison Hierons
Ryan Hildebrandt
Josephine Hill
Jason Hill
Leslie Hilton
Grant & CynDee Hindbo
Darren Hinks
Lindsey Hinther WU
Kevin Hinz
Bryce Hipp & Christa Samson
Lee Hlede
Terra Hocken
Glenn D Hockley
Nannette Ho-Covernton WU
Ryan Hodges
Michael & Nadine Hoffman
Lindsay Hogan
C E Hogan
Joanna Hogue
Trevor Holding
Holdsworth Family
Jonathan Hollett
Adam Holman
Samantha Holroyd
Brian Holtby
Geoff Holub
Dave Tang & Pui Hong
Gordon & Nancy Hoover
Neil Hope
Matthew Hopfner
Lillian & Lloyd Horn
The Horning Family WU
Kathleen Hosfield & Francis Letendre
Houwen Family
Gordon Howe
Denise Howitt & Dana Campbell WU
Cindy Hrabchak
Ian Hu
Huddleston Family
Steve Huitema
Noreen Humble

Debbie & Brian Hunt
Brad Hunter
Todd Hunter
Kyra Huntingford
Kelvin Hur
Christopher Huston
Hutchinson Family
Jody Hutt
Matthew Huys
Carolyn & Bill Hyndman
Peter & Barb Ingle
J Rhodelle Ireland TF
Ireland Family
Cheryl J Irving WU
Kilah Ivany
Iwanika Family
The Jack Family
John Jackson
Ryan Jackson
Murray Jackson
Garth Jacques
Babak Adam Jajuee
Wim & Marijke Jalink
Jenna Jamani
James Family
Steve Jansky
Corine Jansonius
Pamela & Nadar Janzen-Ishaq
Mona Jasinski & Family
Rankin Jaworski
Y Jeffery WU
Ayodeji Aderopo Jeje
Alyson Jenkins
Kim & Brad Jennings
Chris & Kristie Jessup
James Jesudason Family
Nathalie Jette
Jodie Jeworski WU
Ellen Jia
Munir Jivraj
Colin & Leanne Johancsk
Brett Johnson
Barry & Lois Johnson
Bradley Johnson
Nicola Johnson
Cliff & Sarah Johnson
Sara Johnson
Blake & Tanya Johnson
Dave, Susan, Chloe & Hanna Johnson
Lynna Johnson
Brian Johnson
Michael Johnson
Delaine Johnson
Dawn Johnston
Keith Jones
Candice Jones WU
Vernon James Jones
David Jordan
Neville Jugnauth & Lisa Fleck
Eudy Jumbo
Erin Kaipainen

Gurtej Kaler
Gokula Kandaswamy
Natasha Kapty & Darcy Grant
Murray & Janet Karbonik
Brad Karst
Neil & Iris Kathol
Kear Family
Morgan P Keith
Amy Keith
Lawrence Keller
James & Barbara Kellner
Christine Johns & DJ Kelly
Gordon Kelso
Jl Kennedy
Paul Kennedy
Lori Kennedy WU
Frederick Kennedy
Natasha Kenny WU
Kenward-Van Humbeck Family
Alex Keong
Kepford Family WU
C & T Kernahan Foundation
Adrienne Kertzer WU
Mo Keshtkar
Amelia Kiddle
Dale Kiefer
Adam Kieffer
Ronald Kim
Colin King
Nick & Judy Kirton
Marlene Kissoon
Cody Klatt
Terrence E Knight
Louise Knobel & Sean Phillips WU
Janice Knoechel
Melissa A Ko
David & Tracy Koch
Ryan Konotopsky
Nick Koper
Barry Kopperud
Kortje Family
Yrjo Koskinen
Brian Kostreba
Orest & Patty Kotelko
Lynne & Joe Kovacs
Kowalewich Family
Matthew R Kraemer
Rick Kraemer
Blair & Kristin Kraus
The Halliday Krause Family
Pam Krause WU
Terry Krawec & Michelle Schwab
Mike Krayacich & Lesley Farrar
Ms Britta C Kristensen
John Kroeker
Anil Kumar
Ryan Kuntz
Mark Kupka
Kuppe-Mendez Family
Richard Kurta
Carl Kutschke
Yvonne Kwawu
Janet Kwong

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Rhonda Laboucan
Isabelle & Jean-François Lacasse
Jacqueline Lacasse & Ryan Hoover
Lindsay Lackner
Tyler Laczko
Daphne Ladner
Dawa Laflamme
Francois Lajeunesse
Gregory Lake
Nora Lamb & Steve Breeck WU
Jesse Lamb
Josh Lambden
Gord & Kathy Lambert
Cynthia & Rick Lane
Chrysta Lane WU
Michael Lang
Claire Langille
David & Lesley Langille
Jaime Langlois
David Langlois
Nicole Lannard
Sidney Lapp WU
Rick & Anne La Rocque
Jaimee Larson
Bill & Patti Lathrop
C & I Laughy WU
Sheree Law
Koh Law
John Lawless
Pamela Lawrence & Dan Agapi WU
Shawn Lawrence
Karen L Lawrence
Donna Lawson-Colsa
Mark Le Dain
Jonathan Lea
Robert Lebel
Maurice & Isabelle LeBlanc
Rose M Lecky
Nicole Lecours
Kirsten Ledergerber
Lee Jim & Kathy
James Lee
Bill Lee
Kitty Lee
Eddie & Erin Lee
Paul Lee
Tuong Lee
Sonya Lee
Kaela Lee
Kibeom Lee
Chantal Lefroy
Benoit Legare
Chris LeGrow
Lehar Family
Mandy Lelke
Michelle Lemieux
Brian LeMoine
Candace Lenz
Brian & Brenda Lenzin
Patrick & Melanie Leonard
Team Lepp
D Leung & Family
Wing Yu Leung
Rob & Kara Levis WU
Carl & Shauna Levitt
Norma Lewis
Anita Lewis
Chris Leyerzapf
Kwok Li
Robert & Carol Liddle
Owen Lightbody
Bonnie Limpert & Brian Borich
Carmon Lindquist
Allan Linegar
Angela Linke & Tim Blackhall WU
Doug Linkletter & Family
F Donald Lipsett
Dianne Little
Hao Liu
Bill Liutkus
Andy & Susan Lockhart
Jamie Long
Rebecca Loosley
Dawn M Loucks
Lough Family
Albert Louie
Vladimir Lovato
Lindsay Lowe
Dan Lowe
Al & Sandy Lucas
Jack Lumley & Sheila Murphy
Garnett & Ashlee Lund
Stuart & Erin Lunn
Laura Luong
Chris & Dawn Luscombe
Leland Luttmer
Richard Lutz
Darrick Lutz
Belinda Lutz

J & B Lynch
Lindsay M WU
Bob Maber
Aoife Mac Namara
Karen & Gary MacDonald
Iain MacDonald
Christine & Dave MacDonald
Bruce MacDonald & Linda Wickett WU
John & Judith Macgowan
Alan MacGregor
George Mach
Oz Machado
Blaine & Debra MacInnes
Brian MacIntosh & Sandy Mann
Scott MacIntyre
Maciszewski Family
Nancy Mackay
Orla Macken
Mackenzie Family
James MacKenzie
Chris MacKimmie
Dan & Michelle MacLean
Charles MacLean
Walker Macleod
Brooke MacLeod
Peter Macleod
Brenda L MacMaster
Shannon & Mitch MacMaster
Eric MacNaughton
Michael MacNeill
Andrew & Janice MacPherson
Christian Madsen
Anita & Jason Magis WU
Steve & Sonya Magus
Chad Magus
Mah DuBois Family
Aziz Mahmoodi
R Mahood
Marisa Makin
Maggie Malapad & Greg Jessome WU
Carla Male
Gerry Malin
Mr & Ms Malinoski
Tea Malkova
Sue Mallon WU
Corinne & Frank Maloney
Jim Maloney & Laurie Dodds
Peggy & Colin Man
Ashif Manji
Darrell Mann
Shahriar Mannan
Athena E Manolakos
William Herbert Mansell
Jodie Marcyniuk
Mark Family
Joshua L Marlatt
Jaime & Remedios Marquez
Derek Marriott
Martel Family
Scott Martens
Cheryl Martin WU
Tara Martin
Nicole Mastel
John Masters, Carol Larsen & Family TF
Matheson Family
Kevin Matiasz
Christina Mattern
Alison K Matthews
Sheldon Matthews
Heather Mattie
Dave Maxwell
Richard May
Bernhard Mayer
Andrew Maynard
McAteer family
Craig & Teena McAuley
Beverley & David McCartney
Edward F McCauley
David McChesney
Kraig McConaghy
Meghan McCormick WU
Duncan McCowan & Pauline Jones
Ken & Dianne McCubbin
Tim & Leanne McCullough
Bonita McCurry
Andrew McDicken
Prue & Jim McDonald
Sandra Hunt McDonald
McDougall Family
Bill & Joan McFetridge
McFetridge Family
Rob McGee
Kirsten & Patrick McGillis WU
Margaret McGrath WU
Dan McGreevy
Ian McGuire
Monte & Shirley McIntyre
Kimberley McIntyre WU
Roderick & Jean McKay
Lisa Mckay

Amber & Scott McKay
Patti & Bob McKendrick
McKenna Family
Gary & Nancy McKenzie
Heidi McKiel
Cameron & Susan McKillican
Christena McKillop
Mary Jean McKinlay
McKinnon Family Fund at Calgary Foundation
Delana McKinsley
Nick McKnight
Pat McLaren
Allan & Sharon McLarty
George McLauchlan
Christyne & Peter McLaws
Judith & Earl McLeay TF
Dave & Joan McLeod
Catherine McLeod WU
Andrew McLeod
Laura McLeod & John Humphrey
Rick & Brenda McLeod
Lydia McMillan
Kim & Laurel McMurdo
Stanley J McNeill
Brenda & Darrell McOuat
Jim & Donna McPherson
Trisha McPherson
Brent McPherson
Randy & Tanya McQuaig
Chris McQueen
Mark McQueen
Courtney McVie
Cory McWhinnie
Gerry Meagher
Leanne Meek
Eric Meeuwissen
Jorge-Luis Melgoza Pacheco
Merhi Family
Murray & Sherri Merkel WU
Rhys Mersereau
Rathnakara Merta
Annette M Messer WU
Lou Meunier
K Meuse
Pamela Meyer WU
Bob & Bev Meyers
Adrian Michielsen
Rajiv Midha
Mark Migotti
C Miller
Dan & Christina Miller
Landon Miller
Doug Mills
Lorraine Mistelbacher
Kathy Mitchell
Miriam Mitchell-Banks
Jim & Emily Moir
Jason Moliere
Frank & Sheila Molyneaux
Michael Monachello
Emily & Warren Monteiro WU
Richard Montgomery
Tyler Monzingo
Joon Moon
Michele Moon & Dan Sander
Michael Moore
Jake Moore & Vanessa Khan
Adam Moore
Brian Moorman
Scott Moortgat
Krishna Moorthy
Trevor Morawski
Dustin Morgan
Morganton Family
Emilie Morin
Oscar Morineau
Frank Morison
Greg & Susan Mork
Gary Morris
Heather Morrison
Kyle Morrison
Melissa Morrow WU
Nadine Morton
Kirk Muise
Joseph N Mukuba
Angèle Mullins & Glenn Harrington
Vivek Muraleedharan
James & Karen Murphy
Mike Murphy
JM Murray
Mr Jonathon Murray
Jon & Kelly Murray
Bradford Musgrove Family
Tendekai Mwarewangepo
Glen & Janet Myers
Ron & Joan Myers
Will Myers
Dave Myers
Lynn Myra

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Connie Nachef
Stuart Nadeau
Rick Nakamoto
Shannon Natalia
Nathan & Laurie
Markus Navikenas & Amanda Chalmers
Anil Nayak & Andrea Hay
Scott Neary
Shawna Nelson
NES Fircroft
Maureen M Neufeldt
Kristen Neuhaus
Amy Newman
Katherine Newman
Jacqueline NG
Rosanna Ng WU
Stewart Nichols

Nicholson Family
Wendy Nickson
Kevin & Andrea Niddrie
Craig Nieboer
Ashley Nielsen
In memory of Sophie Nishikawa
Hall Noble
Mr David Nolan
Deidre Norman
John Nunn
N & K Obermeyer
Thomas O’Brien
Ms Jennifer O’Carroll
James O’Connor & Bonita Croft
Richard & Janet O’Farrell
Evelyn Ofsoske WU
Oh Family
Mark & Gwendolyn O’Henly
Rachel & Jeff Oke
Bolaji Olayiwola
the Oliphant family
Lars Olthafer
Grant Omichinski
Maria Sylvia Ong
Onuoha Family
Warren Orban
Neil Orr
Cristina Orta
Christina Osiowy
Angel Osorio Duran
Hecmy Osorio
Evan Ostridge
Sheena Owens
Dustin Owens & Ashley Runka Owens WU
Adeola Oyefodunrin
Kathleen & William O’Yeung
Carl Ozyer
Jeff Paetz
Loretta Palandri & Garry Moran WU
Palmer Family
Rhys Palmer
Mr Abhishek Pandey
Pat & Larry Pangracs
Rita & James Park
Melinda Park
Michael Parker
Barb Parker
Ralph & Jo-Anne Parks
Valarie Parsons
Mary Jane Partanen
Janan Paskaran
Jason Paton
Dave & Sue Patterson
J David Patterson
Ray & Tania Patterson
Rick & Alice Penfield
Richard Penfield
Amber Penner
Brett Perchaluk
Nick Perchthaler
Louise Percy WU
Joanne Perdue
Perkins Family
Ellen Perrault
D Perrin
Greg & Joanne Perrin
Frank Perrino
Colin Perry
Fritz & Shirley-Ann Perschon
Charles & Gwen Pesant
Jessica M Peters
Alanna Peterson WU
Darrell Peterson
Brent Petillion & Sarah Belliveau
Mitchell Petovello
Lada Phillips
Andrew & Sue Piercey
Heather Piercy
Lucas Piët
Simonette Pili
Aggie Po
Trevor Poffenroth
Rick Ponting
Shawn Popiel
Henry Popoff
Rhonda Porter
Lee Poscente
Cheryl Posten
Laurel Potskin
Mike Potter
Steve Power

Susan Poynter
Geoff Pratch
Kip Pratt
Michael Preece
Prentice Family
Matthew Price
Diana Pricop
Chantal Prosser
Julie Puddell WU
Laura Purcell WU
Purcell-Chung Family
Bob & Denise Quaiattini
Mike Quail
Jeremy & Trina Quickfall
Pat & Siobhan Qunlivan
Ryan & Desiree Quinn
Eugene & Carrie Quo
Quong Family
Simon Raby & Kim Reynolds
Raczynski Family
Larisa Radita
Bernadette & Thomas Raedler
Natasha Raleigh
Dawn-Marie Ram
Natasha Ramon
Dan Rasmussen
Shauna Rasmussen
Al & Nimet Ratani
Nimish & Shivali Rathod
Lee & Mariella Rathwell
Ryan Rausch
Nancy & Mike Read
Scott Reed
Jay Reid
David & Nancy Reid
Beverley Reid
Kim Reid
Jed Reid
Rob & Sue Remmer
Mrs Wei Ren WU
Jon Rennie
The Reso Family
Brian Rex
Elena & John Rhodes
Jena Rhydderch WU
Dario Q Ricciutelli
Trevor Richards & Garielle Brown
Barry Charles Richards
David & Joanne Richardson
Aidan & Malea Richardson
Alex Richardson
Julia Richardson
Henry Ridders
Cynthia J Ries
The Rios Family
Dr Douglas Rix & Deborah Ferguson
Robbins Family
Vanessa Robbins
Paul Robert
Rob Robinson
Erica Robinson WU
Tyler Robson
Kiyoshi Robson
Judy Rochemont
Scott Rodgers
Tara Rodrigues
Morgan & Jamila Rodwell
Dr Gayla Rogers & Brian Rogers KC Brian Rogers QC
Brian & Kathleen Rogers
Dominique Rohrbach WU
Kyle Roll
Roman Family
MJ Romaniuk
Diego & Joy Romero
Matthew Roper
Jeff Rose
Cindi Rosenau & Family
Ian & Sara Ross
Marilyn Ross
Alan L Ross
Neal & Dana Ross
Steven Ross & Nicole Champagne-Ross WU
John & Marie Roth
Roy Roth
Bernard J Roth
Lisa Rothwell
Mark Joseph Rouleau
Scott & Sarah Rounsville
Charles Rowe
Margaret Rowlands WU
Gord & Jan Rowley
Shane Royal
Mona Ruff
Angela Rupp WU
Amber Rushton
Donna Russo
Gayle & Neil Rutherford
Vern Kimball & Wendy Ryan
Amanda Sadleir WU
Sadler Family
Nicolas Sage
Patricia Salo WU
Marie-France & Lyall Samaroden WU
Gillian Sandiford
Kevin Santos
Santos Family
Brent Saulnier
Mike Saunders

Gillian Savage-Knight WU
Franco Savoia
David & Megan Sawyer
Catherine Scheers WU
Schenk Family
Amanda Schiaroli
Jeanine Schill
Rachel Schmidt
The Schreiner family
Gerald & Kenda Schultz
Sarah Schwann
Brandon & Lindsay Schwartz
Jon Schwartz
John & Debbie Scott
John F Scott
Terry Scott
Kelsey Scott
Laurie & Dan Scott WU
Gerald Scott
Seacliff Electric Ltd
Brad Seamans
Troy & Maria Sedgwick WU
Mary-Ellen Selby & Randy Hunter WU
Rob Senko
Ivan & Shirley Sereda & Family
Barbara Sevcik
Robert Sevick
Jason Sewell & Holly Jopling
Niall Sexton
Ami & Asit Shah
Shahin & Mahdi
Suraj Sharma
Greg Shaw
Peter Shaw
Mr Kevin Shearer
Carrie Simone Shemanko
Noah Sheridan
Laurel Sherret
Maurice & Shelley Shevalier
Dan & Helga Shield
Lorne Shire
Harkinder Sing Sidhu
Dale & Michelle Sieben
Jackie Sieppert
Ronald Sigal
Nathan Sigurdson
Sandra Sikora WU
Joyce & Dick Simoes WU
Ryan & Karilynn Simpson
Colleen Sinclair
Lawrence & Margaret Sinkey
Jeff Siow
Paul & Monika Sipley
Jean Skerrett
Michael Skipper
Slaney Family
Anna Slater
Shauna Smalldon
Janelle Smiley
Quincy Smith
Marga & Garry Smith
John Smith
Darren Smith
Jeffrey & Carolyn Smith
David Smith
Snell Family
Mark Soares
Solanki Family
Alfred Sorensen
Marie & Norm Soulsby
Michelle Sowa
Robert Spackman
Joe Sparks
Bobbie Sparrow
Kristen Spencer
The Sperling Family
J Spoljarevic
Blair Spring
Joanne Spronk
Christopher Squires
Darcy Stables
Joanne Stalinski
Miriam St-Amand
Gary Stanford
Anneke J Stanley-van Woerden
Heide Stauffer-Hill
Susan Steele
Janelle Steele
Gary & Sheila Steeves
Jon & Lisa Stegman
Mike Stelzer
Dean & Tania Stenbeck
Leslie Stevenson
Michael & Caron Stewart
Ken & Grace Stickland
Melanie & Brian Storey
Liz & Todd Stretch
Eric Struyk
Guy Stuart
Joel Swanberg
Kevin Watson & Julie Swanson WU
Greg Swenson
Brad Swift
Ted Switzer
Kanwaljit Kam Szabo WU
Chuck & Gayle Szmurlo
Greg Szuch

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Barry Taitinger
Victor Tam
Adrian Tamas
Jenson & Grace Tan
Keith & Chris Tanner
Taraneh & Amin
Gordon Tarnowsky & Tracy McKim
Jacki Tarr-Nagy
Paul P Tas
The Tauvette Family
Scott Taylor
Steven Taylor
Nick Taylor
D Taylor Family
Catherine Teasdale WU
Lisa & Kyler Tebbutt
Sam Teja
Tempel-Rose Family
Nikita Tetarenko
Marcel Teunissen
Bao Thai
Laura Thiessen WU
John & Lynda Thomas
Brian Thomas
Lynn Thomas WU
David A Thompson
Ms Stella Thompson
Mark & Brett Thompson
Brad Thompson
Anne & Dave Thomson WU
Kate Thomson
Thomson Family
Leah Thormoset WU
Audrey Thorner
Nathan Thornton
Karen Thorpe
Todd Thue
Xiao Han Tian
Glenn L Tibbles
Scott Tibbo
Lara Tierney
Sharon & Jim Tilbe
Jonathan Timlin
Mark Tinney
Toivanen Family
Charmaine Toms
Wen (Tracy) Tong
Jean Torrens WU
Michael Tozer
Tom & Megan Tracey
Andrea Tracey
Alex Tran
Steve Tran
Lise Tremblay WU
Cynthia Tremblay WU
Jeramy Trentham
Dianne & Michael Trew
Trudel-Peters Family
Karen Tso
Colin Tulloch
Virginia Tumasz
Karen Turner WU
Scott Turner
Sheila Turner
Pam & Allan Twa
Lianne Tysowski WU
Cathy Tyssen

Shaun Ulmer
Trevor Ulmer
Jason Unger
Mr Ashish Utarid
Lenin Vadlamudi
Patrick Van den Eynden
Nicole Van Gaalen-McFarlane
Dirk Van Genne
Mark van Ginhoven
Michael Van Hee
Van Heyst Family
Janelle van Noort
Matthew van Remmen
TJ van Schalkwyk
Pieter van Vliet
Rebecca Vanderspiegel
Phyllis Anne H Vavra
Mark Verburg
Victoria Family
Marlene Vierboom
Dr Eric Vignola
Sandy Vigrass WU
Brittany Vine
Farid Virji
Kal Virk
Jeph & Julie Virtue
Dan W
Rebecca Wade
Tyler & Austin Wagner
Roger & Gay Walker
Phil & Janice Walker
Walker Family
Donald Walker
Carrie Walker WU
Heather R Walker
Scott Wallace
Chris Wallace
Lora Falkenberg Walsh WU
Lorie & Lawrence Walter
Jim & Pat Ward
Jonathan Ward
Jeff Ward
Shannon R Ward
Corene Warnock
Colleen Warrellow
Matt Warrington
Hussein Warsame
Watson Family
Clive & Wil Watson
Carlie Watson
David & Annette Watson
Bruce A Weatherdon
Leah Weatherill WU
Craig Webster
Nancy Weedle
Jim Weisert & Janet Astle
Christina Welch TF
Renate Weller
In memory of Ron Welsh
Vicki K Werner
Curtis Werner
Jacob & Candace Wernitznig
Penny Werthner
Michael West
Bryan G West
David Westwick
White Family

Philippa White
Cheryl & Richard Whitnack
Jason Whitney
Brent Whittaker
Greg & Laura Wiebe
Heather Wilcott
Trevor J Wilde
Douglas Wilkins
Susanne & Mitch Williams
Ange Williamson
Wills Family
Wilmot Family
Robert Wilson
Jordan Wilson
Mechele Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Elmien Wingert WU
Mona Lisa Winsor
Martin Winter & Andrea Revel
Hugh Wishart
Sarah Wisnoski
Hazel Witty
Shana Wolch
Ken & Carol Woloschuk
Simon Wong
Raymond Wong
Elaine Wong
J Wong
L Woo
Wood Family
The Woodgate Family
Kelly Woodrow WU
Gary Woods
Jen & Chris Woods
Denise & Matt Woofter TF
Woolfsmith Family WU
Elisabeth & Derek Woolner
The Wreford Family
Andrew Wright
Reid & Sarah Wuntke
Justin Yang
Niu Yang
Yang Yang
Natasha Yanikyan
Thomas, Bettie & Karmen Yanota
Muhammad Yaseen
Ybema Family
Tanya Yeast
Yeo Family
David Yeung
KC Yeung
Doris Yi WU
Sharon Young
Pamela J Young
Simon Younger
Sylvia Choi Yu
Leon Yuen
Judy Yurkiw WU
Zabloski Family
Guoliang Zhang
Litong Zhao
Andy & Mary-Anne Znotins
Darryl Zoback
Lorie Zorn
Danny Zuege
341 Anonymous Donors

WU = Women United Member         TF = Tomorrow Fund Donor

Tomorrow Fund Donors

Tomorrow Fund logo

Legacy contributions to the Tomorrow Fund create a bright future for the next generation of Calgarians, ensuring they have the resources and means to build a resilient and caring community where everyone thrives. Legacy gifts are an extraordinary way to ensure that your memory and values live on and make a profound difference in the lives of future generations.

The following donors made contributions to the Tomorrow Fund in 2023 at the Leadership Donor level or above.

Baker Family Fund
Broadfoot Family Foundation
Family of Jack Carter
Crothers Family Fund
Eastham Family
Susan Evans CC

Felesky Family Fund CC
Green Family Fund
Roland & Trish Guenette
Howden Family Fund
Irv & Maureen Koop CC
LAMP Family Fund

Eric & Christie Le Dain
John W Masters & Carol J Larsen CC
Wright Family Fund
1 Anonymous Donor

CC = Chairs Circle recognizes and honours the leadership and generosity of former United Way Board, Cabinet, and Tomorrow Fund Committee Chairs who have made a gift for today or promised a future gift to the Tomorrow Fund.

The lives and the generosity of the following individuals are celebrated by gifts bequeathed through a will and gifts made in memory of a loved one.

Estate of Steven Blitz
Estate of D Madge Clark
Estate of Charles Wallace Drew
In Memory of Alice Adamson
In Memory of Jennifer Angyal
In Memory of Nasima Begum
In Memory of Helen & Jack Cush
In Memory of Doreen Doyle
In Memory of Jean Duke
In Memory of Jordan Patrick Gail
In Memory of Lee Gallaugher

In Memory of Lee Gallaugher
In Memory Of Ruth and Walter Giba
In Memory of Dorothy Hinds
In Memory of Carl Jewell
In Memory of Thelma Audrey John
In Memory of Jacob John
In Memory of Gail Johnson
In Memory of Pat Korble
In Memory of Robert Laidlaw
In Memory of Jonathan Lee
In Memory of Patricia MacPherson

In Memory of Gordon Murray
In Memory of Ron Frederick Ott
In Memory of Shirley Pattinson
In Memory of Patrick Peacock
In Memory of Robert Pearce
In Memory of Haji Mohammed Ajaz Sahib
In Memory of Grace Eloise Scotland
In Memory of Ghulam MohiyouddIn Shaikh
In Memory of Michelle Wickerson
In Memory of Emma Elizabeth Woofter

Bold = Estates currently in progress.

The following donors established Family Funds that reflect their family’s philanthropic goals. Donors and their families advise on disbursements to projects and programs that are important to them.

Baker Family Fund
Burtt Family Fund
Jack Carter Memorial Fund
Robi & Teresa Contrada Family Fund
Crothers Family Fund
Culbert Family Fund
Eastham Family Fund
Felesky Family Fund
Green Family Fund

Gutrath Family Fund
Howden Family Fund
Ed Johnston Learning Opportunities Fund
Kanovsky Family Foundation
Kinsted Wealth Fund
LaBarre Family Fund
LAMP Family Fund
Mann Family Fund
Pam Andrew Marks Fund

E Jean Moir Fund
Sagium Corporate Fund
Van Wielingen Family Fund
Phil & Francine Welch Fund
Wright Family Fund
1 Anonymous Donor

Promise Donors

Many individuals, families, and groups choose to manage their philanthropy through public, private, or family foundations. Their commitment to creating thriving communities is critical to ensuring we can continue improving lives in Calgary and surrounding area. Thank you to all the foundations that chose to give a gift to United Way in 2023.

Daniel Adams & Elaine Arthur
Terry L Allen
Harold & Betty Allsopp
John Anderson
R W “Bill” Andrew
Jeff Aplin
Susan L Arnison
Henry & Janet Assen
Brent & Marie Austin LI
In Memory of Rashmi & Ritvik Bales
Jim & Susan Banister LI
The Barnes-Smith Family
Parveenpal Batth
Céline Bélanger CC
Kanchan & Ash Bhasin
Nolan & Carol Blades LI
Hugh & Laureen Borgland
William Brebber & Carmen Gareau
Scott Burns & Tracy Wright
Marlie Burtt
David & Kathryn Carey
Monty Carter CC
Mary & Liam Christie CC LI
Alec Clark & Sloan Pipella-Clark LI
Criterium Group LI
Ed Czaja CC
Mark A Dahlman
Dinesh Dattani
Barb & Mick Dilger & Family CC
Estate of Terry Dodge
Janet Drage
Estate of Charles Wallace Drew
Ellen M & Frank G Dungen
Bruce E Edgelow CC
Andrew Evans & Janice LeDrew CC
Patricia & George Fink
Robert & Angelique Fitzmartyn

Judith Frain
Murray & Elaine Frame
Kate & Brian Gallen
Gatenby Family
Karen & Greg Genoway
Patricia & Lorne Gordon CC
Donald G Gow & Lorna Earl LF
Green Family Fund
Edwin Guinto
Ralph P Haist
Connie Hamilton
Bradey Hansen
Mimi Harris
Karen & Doug Haughey CC
Evan J Hazell
Linda Hohol CC
Christine & Lee Horne
Janice Iverson
Barry Jackson CC
Randy & Anne Karren
Alison Keene
LaBarre Family
John & Sheilagh Langille
Pamela Lawrence & Dan Agapi
Eric & Christie Le Dain
Nancy Lever & Alex Pochmursky
Bruce Lukey & Susan Bauerfind LI
Larry & Gloria Macdonald CC LF
Steve & Sonya Magus
The Manes Family
John W Masters & Carol J Larsen CC LI
Anne Maxwell & Marcel Coutu CC
R Bruce McFarlane & Janice C Heard CC LI
Neil McIntyre
Bob & Patti McKendrick
Denise & Shane McMullen
Michele & Bob Michaleski CC

Estate of Andrew Mitchell LI
Eva Moreau
Michael & Barbara Morin
David Morris
Graydon & Dorothy Morrison
S D Nickle Trust
Ms Susan O’Brien
Ron & Karen Parent
John & Jean Partridge
Steve Pascal LI
Estate of Margaretta Aileen Pelzer
Brian & Susan Petersen CC
David Plamondon
Bill & Maggie Pringle CC
Brian Prokop & Kathy Nunn
Ruth & Garry Ramsden-Wood
Gordon & Robyn Ritchie CC
Bill & Lavina Roberts
John & Anita Rossall
Brent & Gail Shervey
Don & Susie Smith LI
Roc & Lori Spence
The Margaret & Andrew Stephens Family Foundation
Lloyd Swift
Eric Tong
Jennifer Tremblay
Jill & Russ Tynan
Nollind & Teresa van Bryce
Mac & Susan Van Wieligen
Erin Barr & Jeremy Wallis
Phil & Francine Welch CC
Laurel A Wood
Ray & Agnes Woods
Lorenia & David Wozney
135 Anonymous Donors

CC = Chairs Circle recognizes and honours the leadership and generosity of former United Way Board, Cabinet, and Tomorrow Fund Committee Chairs who have made a gift for today or promised a future gift to the Tomorrow Fund.
LF = Leaders Forever have endowed a one-time gift in the Tomorrow Fund to perpetuate their leadership gift to the annual campaign ensuring their support continues after retirement and forever after.
LI = These donors are part of a generation of forward-thinking philanthropists who have made a gift of life insurance.
Bold = Estates currently in progress.

Foundation Gifts

Amirault Family Foundation
The Ardea Foundation
The ARK Foundation
Bar None Ranches Memorial Foundation
The Madan & Raksha M Bhayana Family
Brenneman Family Fund*
Marilyn & Mark Brown Family Fund*
The Byler Foundation
Calgary Homeless Foundation
Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation
Alex & Wendy Campbell Flow Through Fund*
Catapult Canada, an initiative of the Rideau Hall Foundation
Chinook Foundation
Ted & Yanka Cochrane Memorial Fund
Conam Charitable Foundation
Crist Family Foundation
Dancyger (Morris & Ann) Philanthropy Fund*
Daniel Family Foundation
Edmonton Community Foundation
EON Foundation
Flair Foundation
Wayne Foo & Family
The Frank Family Foundation
Patrick E Fuller Foundation
Gaponow Family Foundation

Julia & Samuel Gray
The Hearn Family Foundation
Don & Ida Heron Foundation
The Hotchkiss Family Foundation
Howden Family Fund
Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary
John Deere Foundation of Canada
Barbara & David Johnson*
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Kanovsky Family Foundation
C & T Kernahan Foundation
Kuipers Family Foundation
LeGresley Family Foundation
The Ken & Roma Lett Foundation
The Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation
Lily Street Foundation
Gerald & Eileen Macey
MacIntyre Family Foundation
The MacNeill Family Foundation
Robert Maitland & Elaine Montgomery
The DP Martin Family Foundation
MasterCard Foundation
MAXgreen Fund
McKinnon Family Fund*
Minto Foundation Inc
The Gwyn Morgan & Patricia Trottier Foundation

Graydon & Dorothy Morrison Fund*
L P Murphy Charitable Fund
Carl & Diana Nickle Fund*
Osprey Chateau Foundation
Poelzer Family Foundation
The Poole Family Charitable Trust
Ptarmigan Charitable Foundation
John & Sandy Read*
Rose Foundation
Ross-Lynn Charitable Foundation
The Donald & Eleanor Seaman Family Foundation
Mark Shilling & Shirley Livergant Community Fund
Hayden & Roni Smith Endowment Fund
The Smith Vanstokkom Foundation
Starland Foundation
Jim & Cathy Suggett Legacy Fund
TAO Foundation
TELUS Friendly Future Foundation
Viewpoint Foundation
Welty Family Foundation
Norma & Ron Westcott Foundation
2 Anonymous Donors

* At the Calgary Foundation.

United Way Initiatives

Thank you to all the donors who choose to support United Way’s Initiatives. As a lead partner in these collaborative, multi-sector initiatives, United Way and the power of community can achieve our vision of a resilient and caring community where everyone thrives. Listed are the individual donors, foundations, corporations, and government partners who have made a cumulative investment over $100,000 to the initiative as well as those who made an annual contribution of $10,000 or more in 2023.

All In for Youth

All In for Youth logo

All In for Youth (AIFY) is a city-wide initiative that has been increasing high school completion rates since the program’s launch in 2012. Local philanthropists, David and Leslie Bissett, are long time supporters of All in for Youth and have been integral partners throughout its growth into the expansive network it is today. In 2023, David and Leslie invested $1 million in All In for Youth to help vulnerable students complete high school on time and access valuable post-secondary education through bursary opportunities. This dedicated couple has invested over $6.6M through AIFY to support Calgary youth.

The following donors have made multiyear, cumulative contributions of $100,000 or more to the initiative.

Individual Donors

David & Leslie Bissett

Hugh & Laureen Borgland
Bill & Sharon Siebens

R W “Bill” Andrew
Michael & Heather Culbert & Family

Jim & Susan Hill
Mike & Sue Rose

Vera A Ross

Braund Family
Marlie & Steve Burtt
Carrera Foundation
Rebecca Hotchkiss
Kanovsky Family Foundation
Howden Family Fund

Ron Mathison
Michele & Bob Michaleski
Barry & Val Munro
Norrep Foundation
Poelzer Family Foundation
Terry & Marion Poole

Clay & Vi Riddell
The Sarjeant Family
Mac & Susan Van Wielingen
2 Anonymous Donors

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Devon Canada Corporation
(Founding Corporate Partner)


TransAlta Corporation

Fluor Canada Ltd. (Founding Corporate Partner)
Imperial (Founding Corporate Partner)

The Calgary Flames Foundation
Catapult Canada, an initiative of the Rideau Hall Foundation

Howden Family Fund
Intact Insurance
Shaw Charity Classic

Symcor Inc.
4 Anonymous donors

Staples Canada

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Individual Donors

David & Leslie Bissett

Howden Family Fund

John & Lisa Guderyan
Mark & Beth Kuhn
The MacNeill Family Foundation

Terry & Marion Poole
Chris & Holly Potter
H E Beth Rankin

Darlene Wierzba
3 Anonymous Donors

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Catapult Canada, an initiative of the
Rideau Hall Foundation

Fluor Canada Ltd.
JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Symcor Inc.

Community Hubs

Community Hubs logo

The Community Hubs Initiative is an innovative partnership since 2017 between The City of Calgary and United Way of Calgary and Area, with Rotary Clubs of Calgary as a founding partner. Community Hubs provide residents with physical, inclusive gathering spaces where they can develop friendships, create connections, and access timely and relevant resources, services, and networks.

The following donors have made multiyear, cumulative contributions of $100,000 or more to the initiative.

Individual Donors

Bill & Sharon Siebens
Mike & Sue Rose

Shaw Family Foundation

Gutrath Family Fund
Kanovsky Family Foundation

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Rotary Clubs of Calgary

Shell Canada Limited


ENMAX Corporation

BMO Financial Group
Mawer Investment Management Ltd.

NOVA Chemicals

Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Individual Donors

Gutrath Family Fund

Corporate/Foundation Partners


Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Shell Canada Limited

AltaGas Ltd.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Mawer Investment Management Ltd.

Healthy Aging Alberta

Healthy Aging Alberta logo

Healthy Aging Alberta was established to support Alberta’s fast-growing demographic of older adults by uniting and coordinating the many organizations and services they access. As United Way of Calgary and Area’s first province-wide initiative, Healthy Aging Alberta has been made possible by generous funding from the Government of Alberta.

The following donors have made multiyear, cumulative contributions of $100,000 or more to the initiative.

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Anonymous Donor

Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization
Anonymous Foundation

Government Partners

Government of Alberta

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Individual Donors

Kanovsky Family Foundation
Graydon & Dorothy Morrison Fund

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Anonymous Donor

Lethbridge Seniors Citizens Organization

Government Partners

Government of Alberta

Planet Youth Calgary

Planet Youth Calgary logo

Planet Youth Calgary (PYC) is on a mission to make our city the best place on the planet to be a kid and raise a family. United Way of Calgary and Area’s most ambitious initiative to date, it employs the proven Icelandic prevention model, harnessing data and leveraging partnerships with researchers, agencies, school boards, funders, government and youth themselves, to create long-term positive change in youth mental health and substance use rates. We are incredibly grateful for all the donors and corporations that stand united with us to launch and scale this game-changing initiative that will positively impact Calgary youth.

Founding Donors

This year, we celebrated United Way’s largest individual donation: a $10 million commitment to Planet Youth Calgary from visionary Calgary philanthropist Sharon Siebens. Sharon’s gift inspired a powerful group of local organizations, individuals, and families to join her as Founding Investors for Planet Youth Calgary.

A special acknowledgment goes to all Planet Youth Calgary’s Founding Investors for their transformational, multi-year commitments. Their investments are the catalyst, shaping the future of the city and creating long-lasting and multigenerational impact.

Sharon Siebens
Hugh & Laureen Borgland
John & Sheilagh Langille
The Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation

Mike & Sue Rose
Vera A Ross
ARC Resources Ltd.
RBC Foundation

Anonymous Donor

Supporting Investors

Thank you to Supporting Investors who have donated to Planet Youth Calgary since its inception.

Brenneman Family Fund via Calgary Foundation
Michael & Heather Culbert & Family
Kanovsky Family Foundation
Michele & Bob Michaleski
Janet Soles & Rod Sobchishin

Viewpoint Foundation
Andrew & Nancy Wiswell
AltaGas Ltd.
Pembina Pipeline Corporation*
Anonymous Donor

*on behalf of Bob Michaleski

Diamond Willow Youth Lodge

Diamond Willow Youth Lodge is a central gathering place for Indigenous youth, providing a holistic approach to address individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Legacy of Relatives
TransAlta Corporation

Keepers of Kindness
McCarthy Tétrault

Great Grandparents
Richard & Cathy Bird

Fluor Canada Ltd.

Individual Donors

Richard & Cathy Bird

Corporate/Foundation Partners

McCarthy Tétrault
TELUS Friendly Future Foundation
TransAlta Corporation

The Social Impact Lab

The Social Impact Lab logo

The Social Impact Lab (The SIL), established through a collaboration between United Way of Calgary and Area and J5 Design, serves as a dynamic hub for accelerating innovation and driving meaningful change in addressing Calgary’s critical social issues. By fostering strategic partnerships and investing in innovative practices, The SIL supports the social sector’s ongoing efforts. Our objective is to cultivate a collaborative environment where diverse groups can connect, find common ground, and leverage their expertise to enact real and lasting change.

The following donors have made multiyear, cumulative contributions of $100,000 or more to the initiative.

Individual Donors

Michael & Heather Culbert & Family

Wayne Foo & Family

Gutrath Family Fund

Kanovsky Family Foundation

Bill & Sharon Siebens

Government Partners

Government of Alberta

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Individual Donors

Kanovsky Family Foundation
Andrew & Nancy Wiswell

Aspire Calgary

Aspire Calgary is a collaborative of service providers that work together to address the root causes of poverty and provide people living on a low income with opportunities to reduce debt, grow savings, and build assets.

The following donors have made multiyear, cumulative contributions of $100,000 or more to the initiative.

Individual Donors

Kanovsky Family Foundation

Hugh & Laureen Borgland
Michael & Heather Culbert & Family
Bill & Sharon Siebens

Corporate/Foundation Partners

The following donors contributed $10,000 or more to the initiative in 2023.

Individual Donors

Kanovsky Family Foundation

Corporate/Foundation Partners

Anonymous Donor

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thanks to the support of United Way’s Major Donor program’s sponsors, this Honour Roll and all our Major Donor events were produced at no cost to donors. This generous sponsorship contribution helps celebrate Calgary’s most notable philanthropists and informs Calgarians about United Way’s work.

Major Donor Program Sponsor

Tomorrow Fund Program Sponsor

Women United Program Sponsor

Gen Next Program Sponsor

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