Social Inclusion

Why do we invest in social inclusion?

Social isolation has serious physical, mental, and emotional consequences. People who are socially isolated are at higher risk of experiencing health problems, mental health challenges, and poverty. By investing in removing barriers to social inclusion and creating more opportunities for people to participate meaningfully in their community, form new social relationships, and establish inclusive communities to live, play, and work, we are creating communities where everyone belongs.

The Stats

50% of Calgary’s Black and Indigenous populations believe other Calgarians are not accepting of people from diverse backgrounds.

19% of Calgarians are lonely.

50% of Indigenous adults surveyed in Calgary report feeling fearful and challenged when accessing school systems.

25% of Calgarians say they feel stress due to social isolation.

Impact Stories

Meet a few of the people whose lives have been improved thanks to support from people like you.


Ash is a grade 12 student who lives independently. After leaving home more than a year ago, she took on many adult responsibilities well before many other teenagers.


Kathy has volunteered at the community centre near her house for years. Read how serving in her community has become her second home.


Brenda moved to Calgary in April of 2013 to look after her elderly parents. As their sole caregiver, her life consisted of doctor appointments and hospital visits.

Impact in Action

Community Hubs

A city-wide initiative that provides access to vital supports and services, and turns strangers into friends.

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Healthy Aging Alberta

Learn how this rich network is helping to make Alberta one of the best places in the world to grow older!

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