Why do we invest in mental health?

Barriers such as poverty, social isolation, stigma, and a lack of accessible services prevent people from getting the mental health help they need. By focusing on mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention to ensure those impacted by mental health issues can access the supports they need before the issues become deep-rooted and harder to address.

The Stats

60% of people suffering from addiction or mental illness will not seek the help they need because of the stigma associated with these issues.

46% of Albertans reported a deterioration of their mental health since the start of the pandemic.

33% of Calgarians felt stress due to their finances.

By age 40, nearly half of all Canadians will have or have had a mental illness.

25% of Indigenous adults surveyed in Calgary reported having a mental health condition.

70% of adults with a mental illness say their symptoms first emerged during childhood and adolescence, yet only 1 in 5 children who needs mental health support receives it.

Impact Stories

Meet a few of the people whose lives have been improved thanks to support from people like you.


Heather is a story about resilience, support, kindness, and gratitude. As she grew into adulthood, Heather struggled to understand her trauma but found support through United Way-supported care.


Carolina and her family left everything behind in Venezuela to start a new life in Canada, choosing Calgary because of its educational opportunities for her daughter.


Vincenzo’s family struggled under the weight of intergenerational trauma – but a community of care was there.

Impact in Action

The City of Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

The strategy’s goals of “Be Well, Get Help, and Stay Safe” help Calgarians find hope and support for their mental health.

Read the strategy

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