Community Impact Framework

United Way of Calgary and Area is leading the way in creating a resilient and caring community where all can thrive. We bring together agencies, corporations, donors, volunteers, and government to create lasting social change in our city.

United Way’s Community Impact Framework is our strategy to deepen the impact of our investments: the programs, partnerships, and initiatives that improve the lives of thousands of people every year.

The Community Impact Framework prioritizes investments in the community that support individuals and families by:

  • producing a coordinated and accessible system of care;
  • exploring new partnerships with agencies, donors, and others to leverage and share resources;
  • generating and encouraging innovation as we work together to solve social problems;
  • achieving systems change by addressing the root causes of complex social issues; and
  • designing and implementing large-scale initiatives that build for the future and deepen community impact.

Areas of Focus

Since launching the framework in 2020, United Way has targeted funds toward investments that are collaborative, innovative, and transformational, and that address the underlying causes of social problems by focusing on four key areas: Socioeconomic Well-BeingMental HealthSocial Inclusion, and Healthy Relationships. These are the areas where we see not only the greatest need, but also the opportunity for the greatest value, as we surround individuals with the supports they need to achieve their full potential.

Community Impact Framework: Investment strategy guide

Find out how the Community Impact Framework guides the investments of United Way of Calgary and Area, and how it reflects United Way’s learnings and understandings of emerging trends and non-profit sector needs, and our commitment to create lasting change for people through positive outcomes.

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