Socioeconomic Well-being

Why do we invest in socioeconomic well-being?

Financial stability means not worrying about your next meal, how you are going to pay your bills, or whether you can afford to buy a warm winter coat for your child. For those struggling with a limited income, these worries are always with them. By investing in programs and initiatives that ensure individuals and families have access to basic needs, education, and meaningful employment, we are creating a tomorrow where everyone has the ability to thrive.

The Stats

36% higher rental costs for a 1-bedroom apartment in Calgary in June 2023 compared to June 2022.

1 in 5 Calgarians say they struggle to easily buy food and groceries.

1 in 3 Calgarians say they struggle to afford basic needs like rent and utilities.

A family in Calgary needs at least $50,223 per year just to cover the basics.

20% of Calgary seniors are still active in the labour force to make ends meet.

Impact Stories

Meet a few of the people whose lives have been improved thanks to support from people like you.


Heather is a story about resilience, support, kindness, and gratitude. As she grew into adulthood, Heather struggled to understand her trauma but found support through United Way-supported care.


Carolina and her family left everything behind in Venezuela to start a new life in Canada, choosing Calgary because of its educational opportunities for her daughter.


When Travis realized some of his neighbours were struggling during the pandemic, he knew just how to help.

Impact in Action

Enough for All

The Enough for All strategy aims to ensure that Calgary is a strong, supportive, and inclusive community, where everyone has sufficient income and assets to thrive, and all Indigenous people are equal participants in Calgary’s future.

Learn about the strategy

All In for Youth

2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of All In for Youth and we remain committed to achieving the initiative’s goals: to increase Calgary high school completion rates and to decrease drop-out rates.

Learn more

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