2021 Community Impact Framework

United Way has always had one goal in mind—to improve lives in Calgary and area. To do this, we make strategic investments to maximize our impact in the community.

Since 2015, the challenges of the energy sector in Calgary have had a significant impact on fundraising, and the economic impact of COVID-19 has accelerated that. To meet these realities, we must do things differently, and do different things.

In 2019, United Way embarked on a journey to create a greater understanding of the needs in the community. After working closely with our agency partners, we developed a new Community Impact Framework to guide our investments in Calgary and area for 2021.

United Way’s new Community Impact Framework will transform the way we work and invest in the community by:

  • Improving people’s lives by providing better access to services and coordinated supports for individuals and families most at risk;
  • Exploring new partnerships with agencies, donors, others to leverage resources and share ideas that will improve the system of care for people in our city;
  • Initiating innovation and working together to solve social problems;
  • Shifting the overall mix of community investments to focus on large-scale initiatives that have the power to build for the future and deepen community impact.

In 2021, funds will be targeted toward investments that are collaborative, transformational, address the underlying causes of social problems, and focus on the person in need.

This will allow United Way to be nimble in responding to emergent needs, creating impact in different ways.

Because, united we make the biggest difference.

Adam SlaterCommunity Impact Framework