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Investing in our youth is investing in the growth of our economy and communities, and making the place we call home stronger. In Calgary, not all youth are completing high school and transitioning to further education, vocational training, or meaningful employment. Those who live in low-income households or have physical and/or mental health challenges face even more obstacles to making the transition, as they often lack the family or community support they need.

Our community experiences serious consequences when youth don’t complete high school on time, as they are more likely to be involved in the justice system and rely on social assistance and our healthcare system. Whether someone completes high school or not is one of the most important distinctions that will determine the trajectory of their life, and their impact on society.

20% of Calgary youth do not complete high school on time.

For every youth who does not complete high school, it costs society $18,300 annually in earning loss, use of social assistance, healthcare, crime, and tax revenue loss.

Our Response

United Way invests in programs that help youth stay engaged in school, plan for further education or training, gain work experience, and find meaningful employment after graduation. United Way’s All In for Youth initiative helps youth stay in school or return to school, graduate, and successfully transition into the workforce and adulthood. The initiative connects youth to positive adult role models, removes financial and social barriers to high school completion, and explores various paths to discovering and reaching their learning and career potential.

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