Rising from tragedy to raise awareness

When Angelica moved to Canada 15 years ago, she was hoping to give her daughter a chance at a better life. But adjusting to life in Canada was hard. Her husband’s work permit didn’t allow them to leave Canada, even when tragedy struck their family in Mexico. Life got even harder when they found out her husband had diabetes.

Working with an illness took a toll on him. He wanted to improve his English and get a better job, but he spent all his time working to pay for his medication. His diabetes soon landed him in the hospital with a heart attack, and his mental health rapidly declined. He tried to find professional help but struggled to express himself. He became depressed and was desperate for support.

Angelica was at work when she got the call: her husband had taken his own life. Angelica’s world shattered. She struggled to eat or get out of bed, and it took her a long time to deal with her grief. Today, she is using her pain to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and the support it demands. She wants to prevent another family from experiencing the pain her family went through—she wants something good to come out of this.

A photo of Angelica with her daughter.


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