Mental Health

Good mental health helps us enjoy our life and the people in it.

Good mental health helps us enjoy our life and the people in it. Individuals struggling with mental health issues can experience fear, rejection, and stigma that severely impact their quality of life. Many have even been denied adequate housing, loans, health insurance, and jobs.
Social isolation, poverty, and a shortage of accessible services make it difficult for people to seek the mental health supports they need. In kids, positive emotional development in childhood is crucial to laying a good foundation for mental health and emotional stability as an adult.
Mental health is one of our critical community needs. While Alberta Health Services provides critical medical responses to mental health issues, United Way works with partner agencies on community-based initiatives focused on mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention. Together, we’re creating more inclusive communities and ensuring those impacted by mental health issues can easily access the supports they need before the issues become deep-rooted.

1 in 5 Albertans experienced an addiction or mental health problem in 2012.

70% of adults with a mental illness indicate their symptoms first emerged during childhood and adolescence.

The annual cost of mental illness to the Canadian economy, in terms of health care and loss of productivity, is $51 billion.

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