Local people inspire our community to bring about more positive change in the new year

This year was full of surprises and challenges, but at United Way, we will always remember 2020 for the way our community showed their local lovewith compassion and kindness. 

Whether it was volunteering time, donating urgently needed items, contributing donations, or helping someone in a unique way, local people came together to make sure our most vulnerable family members, friends, and neighbours were not left behind. Every act of kindness, big or small, has helped lift up our communities and together, they have added up to big change.

Watch how united, we’re making a big difference in 2020:


But the year isn’t over and neither is our work

There are still local people who are struggling to find support and meet their basic needs. In uncertain times, the one thing we know is we’re stronger together. If you can, please give today to help those in Calgary and area build a brighter year ahead. 

When we work together, our communities can recover from even the most challenging circumstances—and become stronger and more resilient for whatever’s next. 

See why Calgary needs you now more than ever