Today marks National Philanthropy Day 2021, a special day set aside to recognize and celebrate those in our community who donate their time, money and effort to making our world a better place. This year, United Way of Calgary and Area is shining the spotlight on the benefits of giving back to our communities.

For over 80 years, United Way of Calgary and Area have been a conduit between philanthropists of all levels and agencies and individuals in need. Today, our city wouldn’t be where it is without philanthropic pioneers like Pat Burns and A.E. Cross or modern-day contributors such as Grant MacEwan, Harry Cohen, or Darryl “Doc” Seaman. Their legacies live on to this day, providing some of the cornerstones of our communities.

Bob Michaleski continues Calgary’s proud legacy of giving back and by being a proud contributor to United Way’s Major Donor Match Program.

So what drives Calgarians like Bob to commit to United Way of Calgary and Area, and more importantly, why does he do it? We encourage you to check out his message about how philanthropic acts improve his life, community, and health.

Our Match Donors, including Sharon Siebens, Leslie & David Bissett and Michael and Donna Kanovsky, will match any first-time contributions over $10,000 and will match any growth portion for any existing donors from the past 12 months.

The continuing generosity of Match Donors makes it easy for everyone to make their donations to United Way of Calgary and Area count. On National Philanthropy Day, we thank everyone who continues to support those in need through their contributions because when we are united, we make the biggest difference.

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