Sales for United Way’s 50/50 draw are underway, and the jackpot is growing every day. Ticket sales end on Friday, December 17th, and we don’t want you to miss out on your opportunity to take home the jackpot.

If you’re still on the fence, here are 6 reasons to purchase a United Way 50/50 Ticket:

1. You’re investing in your community

Every donation made to United Way stays in Calgary and the surrounding area. When you buy a ticket, you’re growing the jackpot, and growing your community and investing in the future. Our agency partners are making local lives better, which means your purchase directly helps them do more and help more people.

2. You will feel good

You can’t argue with the science: giving is good for our health! When we give, we sleep better, live longer, reduce our blood pressure , and we’re happier. We spend our money on many things, but how many purchases can help your community, give you a chance at a jackpot worth thousands and improve your well-being?

Check out the conversation between United Way Ambassador Charles Osuji and Dr. Tracey Brower to learn more about the connection between giving and happiness.

3. You will help neighbours in need, now

Here are a few quick statistics:

  • 189,000 Calgarians were living in poverty before the pandemic
  • 77,000 more are estimated to have fallen into poverty because of it
  • In November 2020, 41 percent of Calgarians said their financial situation had worsened compared to just before the pandemic began.

Calgary is in the midst of a poverty crisis, and more people than ever are seeking help. Our partners are operating under strain and are doing everything to ensure thousands of families, and individuals get the services and support they need.

4. You will help improve mental health for thousands of people

The pandemic significantly impacted the mental health of thousands of our friends, neighbours, and loved ones. Calls for support to agency partners like the Calgary Counselling Centre and the Calgary Distress Centre went up dramatically, in some cases over 30 per cent beyond average volume. We work with so many agencies doing great work in mental health, but they need our help.

5. You will help others find joy

The work of our partner agencies builds a foundation for joy and happiness in dozens of communities, hundreds of households and thousands of lives. Our ultimate goal is to give everyone the foundation and tools they need to lead healthy, happy, and joyful lives. Can you think of any better gift to give?

6. You could WIN!

We’re just going to go ahead and say it: ticket prices start at just $5, and your purchase could wind up netting you thousands. Do we need to say more?
Only one ticket can claim the jackpot but the countless lives that will change make us ALL winners.

So what are you waiting for? United Way’s 50/50 sale ends on December 17th. So don’t miss your chance to grow the jackpot, grow the community and spread some joy and cheer in 2021.

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