Socioeconomic Well-Being

Financial instability affects a wide and growing segment of Calgary and the surrounding area

When people are financially stable, they aren’t worried about their next meal, how they’re going to pay for housing, or whether they’ll be able to afford a warm coat for the winter. But for those living on a low income, these worries, for themselves and their family members, are always with them. United Way believes everyone’s well-being is enhanced by diverse and equitable social and economic opportunities.

To do that, we invest in programs and services that ensure individual’s and family’s basic needs are met, allowing them to focus on capitalizing on their strengths and moving towards greater self-sufficiency. By relieving the mental and physical burden of finding shelter or food, people can focus on securing employment, stabilizing their finances and engaging with their community, leading to more positive life outcomes.

33% of Calgarians sometimes struggle to afford basics like rent, utilities, and groceries, and 17% often, or always, struggle. (Source: Calgary Foundation, 2020)

More than 20% of Albertans experience food insecurity; the highest rate in the country. (Source: University of Toronto report, 2021)

In November 2020, 41% of Calgarians said their financial situation had worsened compared to before the pandemic began. (Source: City of Calgary, 2020)

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