Core Giving

At the core to creating change in Calgary

Core Donors are the cornerstore to positive change in communities across the Calgary area, coming together to improve lives locally with an individual annual donation of $1–1,199. This collective investment is directed to where it is most needed in our community, making a meaningful difference for individuals and families in the Calgary area. When you join the Core Giving Program, you join a group of thousands of people that are passionate about building a great city for everyone.

See your impact

Every donation has the power to change a local life. Just $10, for example, buys a backpack with school supplies for one child at the start of the school year. From there, your impact skyrockets: a donation of $1,199 can provide six months of lunch and supper for a low-income senior, or ensure the operation of a toll-free women’s emergency helpline for an entire year.

See the impact of your donation

Ash is a grade 12 student who lives independently. After leaving home more than a year ago, she took on many adult responsibilities well before many other teenagers.

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Core Giving tax benefits

Your donation is eligible for valuable tax credits, which can reduce the federal and provincial income tax you pay every year. See how much you can save on your taxes as a Core Donor:

Tax BenefitsCore
$1 - $1,199
Annual Donation$120$600
Alberta Tax Credit$72$204
Federal Tax Credit$18$146
Cost After Tax$30$250
*These examples are based on an annual taxable income of less than $246,752. Please consult a financial advisor to learn more.
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