Advisors United

Adding value through philanthropy

You help your clients align their values and interests with their tax and estate planning objectives every day. We share your principles and take the same care when it comes to helping donors make the greatest impact in our community.

When you join Advisors United, we provide a new level of connection with your clients, helping guide and deepen philanthropic planning with specialized knowledge and insight offered by United Way.

We are your trusted partners in community impact and philanthropy who enhance and augment your holistic wealth, estate, and legacy offerings to clients across generations.

ADVISORS UNITED is a diverse group of professional advisors across Calgary and area that are dedicated to providing up-to-date, and best-in-class philanthropy services to their clients.

Being a part of Advisors United allows you to:

  • Learn about trends and issues impacting Calgary and area, and stay current on your community’s evolving needs.
  • Gain exclusive access to materials and advice to support your clients’ range of philanthropic interests.
  • Receive invitations to events and learning opportunities to network with peers and allied professionals.

Together, we can make philanthropy as meaningful, efficient, and rewarding as possible for you, and your clients.

Contact Planned Giving with any requests for information.
Phone: 403-231-6444

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