Sponsored Employee Program

Investing in employees for company and community growth

Build top talent to build business value: today’s formula for corporate success!

If one of your urgent business needs is to grow new company leaders (and it’s keeping you up at night), you’re not alone: developing new leaders has been identified as one of the key challenges facing executives right now. Some of the most sought-after skills can take a long time to develop, like communication, leadership, agility, and innovative problem solving. But these are exactly the kind of skills you can bring back to your company—and at record speed—through our Sponsored Employee Program.

Sponsored Employee Program

This program offers business leaders a unique opportunity to develop high-potential employees who want to grow their careers, capabilities, and networks. In partnership with United Way, they will learn immensely valuable skills to deliver back to the companies they work for. By investing in the growth of top talent, business leaders are creating a competitive edge—and supporting the community they do business in at the same time.

The Sponsored Employee Program includes two distinct opportunities:

  1. Second an employee within your own company, helping you cultivate up-and-coming business leaders that are adaptable, versatile and can deal with ambiguity
  2. Provide sponsorship funding to launch someone else’s career, helping you demonstrate your commitment to the community and strengthen your brand profile

Sponsor the launch of someone else’s career

Enhance your company profile and brand reputation

When your company participates in the Sponsored Employee Program, you are playing an integral role in shaping the business leaders of tomorrow. A sponsorship of $20,000 will enable United Way to hire a qualified candidate who is eager to get into the workforce, helping launch a career by giving someone an opportunity to gain valuable job experience. Alternatively, your company may choose to second a high-potential employee, providing them with valuable skills to take your company to the next level of corporate social responsibility and positively impact the community that you do business in.


For more information on the Sponsored Employee Program, please email: [email protected]

United Way of Calgary and AreaSponsored Employee Program