A sense of belonging builds a sense of home

A photo of Brenda at a seniors painting session.

Brenda moved to Calgary in April of 2013 to look after her elderly parents. As their sole caregiver, her life consisted of doctor appointments and hospital visits. She had no social life; her only interactions were with the cashiers at her local grocery store. She felt isolated in her new life.

When she couldn’t handle the isolation any longer, she decided to join a church, and eventually began visiting the Community Hub at the Bowness Community Association. An avid knitter herself, she inspired a group of local residents to meet up for weekly knitting sessions and the opportunity to make some new friends. Soon, the group was knitting hats and scarves to donate to local people in need. Being amongst people made her feel welcomed and less lonely, and she quickly built her own community.

After her father’s death, Brenda’s mother moved to Lethbridge to live with her brother. At this point, Brenda had the choice to move back to British Columbia or stay in Calgary. She chose to stay because the people she’d met had made her feel at home. For the first time in her life, she says she feels like she belongs.


When you invest locally, you’re supporting residents to get involved in their communities, making us all stronger.

Elijah BeaverBrenda