This week, our team was invited to the Pason Systems office for an exciting and entertaining afternoon in support of United Way of Calgary and Area. The locally-based oil and gas services company has been a big supporter of United Way over its 45-year history, and 2023 was no exception. Their fall campaign came to an exciting climax this week with their annual hobby horse race, which saw contestants racing (hilariously) around their office to claim the title.


The creative minds at Pason Systems have also been holding an ongoing mini-golf tournament designed and built by their team. To top it off, they also created their own United Way fundraising component for Microsoft Teams, allowing them to run their annual silent auction for hybrid and in-person teams.

The energy at the Pason Systems office was infectious, so it’s easy to see how their team is on track to meet or beat last year’s fundraising total of $40,000. A United Way campaign is a fantastic way to engage your team and support your community. If you’re interested in working with us, reach out, and we’ll get you started!

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