June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, acknowledge the present, and work toward reconciliation and a more inclusive and respectful future.

Indigenous History Month is more than just a celebration – it is a vital reminder of Indigenous peoples’ deep and enduring presence on this land. This month provides a platform to elevate Indigenous voices, share their stories and learn about their rich cultural heritage. It is an opportunity to explore Indigenous people’s oral traditions, art and spirituality.

However, this history also includes periods of profound hardship. Acknowledging the painful chapters in our shared history is a crucial step toward reconciliation. At United Way of Calgary and Area, our Akak’stiman Indigenous Strategy reflects our reconciliation journey and guides our business practices, Indigenous-focused investments, and relationships with Indigenous communities.

Learn, Reflect and Act

There is a wide range of events and learning opportunities scheduled throughout Moh’kinstsis (also known as Calgary) that can provide a time and space to learn, reflect and act. We encourage you to explore some of the opportunities offered by our partners, friends and allies throughout the community this month.

United Way of Calgary and Area

The Confluence


Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth

Calgary YMCA

Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary

Calgary Public Library

City of Calgary

Learning Resources:

We look forward to your participation and hope these sessions will be both informative and engaging. United Way invests in programs and initiatives that strengthen Indigenous cultural identity and support the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of Indigenous people through Indigenous legacy education, genuine cultural practices, and therapeutic activities. Learn more by visiting Akak’stiman: Journey of Creative Planning to Achieve Goals.