Every year, thousands of Calgarians donate their time and money to United Way of Calgary and Area to help improve the lives of more than 150,000 local people. Inspiring such a tremendous show of community spirit requires careful planning, organizing, and managing of an annual United Way campaign—an effort that drives resourcing for social change work all year long. This work is led by campaign co-chairs, who are nominated for their leadership and passion for building a strong community.

This year, the two community members leading the charge are Alec Clark, head of global energy at TD Securities and Beth Reimer-Heck, Q.C. counsel at BLG.

Head shots of Alec Clark and Beth Reimer-Heck

Both Clark and Reimer-Heck are passionate community advocates, having served on a number of volunteer boards, donating their time to social causes, and contributing to fundraising campaigns. As long-time supporters of United Way, Clark and Reimer-Heck share the belief that the organization plays a pivotal role in driving social change, which is what attracted them to the co-chair role.

“The impact of COVID-19 and the current economy have created the perfect storm, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Now is the time for us to open our hearts, minds, and wallets to the needs of the community.” – Alec Clark

The demand for social services has increased significantly with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although both Clark and Reimer-Heck acknowledge that chairing the campaign during a public health crisis is no small feat, they are optimistic about what lies ahead.

“During times of crises, like COVID-19, leadership is critical because the stakes are so high,” says Reimer-Heck. “I am choosing to look at the challenges we’re facing as opportunities for innovation and ingenuity. Now, more than ever, I get to do something that’s so incredibly important at a time when our city needs support the most.”

“I’m excited about the challenge of figuring out what we’re going to do—how to motivate volunteers and donors in this unprecedented, extraordinarily unique time,” says Clark.

“We know circumstances have changed for everyone. Now is a critical time for those of us who can support our community to do so.” – Beth Reimer-Heck

The co-chairs look forward to rallying Calgarians to show their local love and give back to their community.

“All of the issues Calgary has been battling with before COVID-19, like poverty, social isolation, mental health issues, and domestic violence, have been amplified because of the pandemic,” says Clark. “So, it’s heartwarming to see Calgarians helping their fellow community members during these tough times.”

“It’s the Calgarian way,” says Reimer-Heck. “I believe it’s that generosity and can-do attitude that will get us through this, so we can come out of this pandemic stronger and better than before.”

Join us in seeing how when we unite our efforts, we can create positive ripples of change for our community. Visit www.calgaryunitedway.org/Be-United