For most people, 2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. For United Way of Calgary and Area, 2020 symbolizes the year our community came together to support a record-breaking number of individuals in Calgary and area.

With every challenge comes a silver lining—and in 2020, Calgarians were it. In a year punctuated with challenges and uncertainty, our community leaned in, stood up, and lent a hand to anyone who needed it. Where others saw challenges, so many of our supporters saw opportunities to provide an incredible outpouring of support and ensure people are able to meet their needs today—and see a brighter future tomorrow.

Please visit to explore how our community came together to meet crisis with kindness, helping local people access vital supports and services.

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This work would be impossible without our supporters, who dedicate thousands of hours and millions of dollars every year to make our communities safer, more inclusive, and better for everyone.

Thank you for creating ripples of positive impact in our community. Together, we are building a future where no one is left behind. United, we make the biggest difference.