You have the power to create change in your community.

It's a lot to believe in. But that's why United Way of Calgary and Area exists.

United Way of Calgary and Area is leading the way in creating a resilient and caring community where everyone can thrive. We bring together agencies, corporations, donors, volunteers, and government to create lasting social change in our city.

Every day we see the increasing complexity of the needs in our community. Rarely existing on their own, life challenges cross and touch on many areas of our lives at the same time, often deeply affecting the lives of those around us.

We don’t need to look far to see signs of the hardship being experienced by our community. The skyrocketing cost of living touches every aspect of our lives; leading our friends and neighbours to feel isolated, worsening an ongoing mental health crisis and exacerbating the challenges of intergenerational trauma, stress, and anxiety. The needs and problems are all around us. But thankfully, so are the solutions.

Our Areas of Focus

The outcomes we want everyone to be able to experience.

The Community Impact Fund

Supporting our ability to make tomorrow better than today.

The Community Impact Fund is the primary fund through which United Way of Calgary and Area provides stable funding to over 120 agencies, ensuring Calgarians can access services and supports when and where they need them. It supports United Way in responding to urgent and emerging community issues, seeding innovative ways to tackle society’s biggest problems, and transforming the systems perpetuating societal disparities.

Giving to the Community Impact Fund is the best way to make an impact, as funds are targeted to where they are needed most in our community. Over 167,000 Calgarians saw a positive impact from the Fund in 2022; however, needs in the community continue to grow. The demand for resources and services in Calgary is outpacing the available support systems. The Community Impact Fund seeks to bridge this gap by mobilizing quickly to areas of immediate need while also implementing preventative measures and programs. With the flexibility to adapt to short and long-term goals, we can effectively address emerging challenges and make meaningful change for Calgarians.

We need Calgarians like you to donate to the Community Impact Fund today so that, together, we can create a better tomorrow.

United Way of Calgary and AreaA better tomorrow starts with you