Thank you for supporting the #UnitedApart Basic Needs Round-Up!

Even though we had to celebrate Stampede a little differently this year, our community spirit lived onCalgarians tipped their cowboy hats, dusted off the cowboy boots, and came together to support th#UnitedApart Basic Needs Round-Up!

Too many people in Calgary were struggling to meet their basic needs even before the COVID-19 outbreak. One in five worried about having enough money for food and one in three worried about having a roof over their head. Today, when people call 211 for support, help with meeting their basic needs is one of the top concerns.

It was heartwarming to meet so many of you while exchanging many laughs and smiles along the way. We’re grateful for all the basic needs items that will go to Calgarians who need it most. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Your donations will truly make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable Calgarians.

You’ve shown that even when we’re apart, we stand united.

Adam Slater#UnitedApart Basic Needs Round-Up