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Now that you’ve done some planning and set the stage for you campaign, what’s next? This page is chock full of resources, tools, and templates to make your United Way workplace campaign easy and successful. We’ve created resources that are adaptable to whatever you may need as part of your campaign—be it digital or otherwise.

Donors want to feel like the non-profit they’re supporting is impactful and be able to connect with it emotionally. The resources on this page should help you strike that winning balance and meet your fundraising goals—and in doing so, make a positive impact on your community.

Establish your campaign

One key to a successful campaign is making sure everyone is aware of what’s happening. Be sure to reference our best practices to learn about timing and use our campaign email templates to keep everyone updated.

Workplace campaign best practices

Get a complete overview of every aspect of your campaign—including volunteer roles, campaign preparation, roll out, and wrap up.

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Campaign email templates

Communicating about your campaign is always easier when you have a jumping off point! Customize these email templates to help encourage participation and engagement.

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Campaign email banners

Run successful (virtual) events

Whether in person or online, events are a great way to engage your colleagues in your workplace campaign. While virtual events may be different for many people, these resources can help you create engaging digital events.

Campaign theme and special event ideas

Choosing the right theme for your United Way campaign and creating fun and engaging events will help people get excited to participate—even online!

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Kickoff video

This video template includes a message from United Way’s CEO and can help you kick off your campaign!

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Event poster templates

We’ve created digital-first posters—easy to share through email, intranet, or online giving systems, while still a printable size if you want to print them.

Virtual kickoff event guide

Kickoff events are a great way to mark the start of your campaign with a hurrah! This guide will walk you through planning and successfully hosting a virtual kickoff event—and offers a templated agenda and speaking notes.

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Virtual kickoff schedule

Let people know in advance when your kickoff event is, how to join, and what to expect. This schedule provides all the details on when to do what for your best possible campaign kickoff event.

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Best practices for Zoom events

Virtual campaigns don’t have to be daunting! Use this resource to learn the best ways to engage people using Zoom and some best practices to follow for your online events.

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United Way virtual backgrounds

Bump up your campaign branding with these virtual backgrounds for your digital meeting system—such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Download United, we make the biggest difference background
Download United Way heart ripples background
Download Improving lives through the power of communities background

Special event tax receipt forms

Some donations made through special events qualify for tax receipts. Take a look at our guide and download the right forms for your event. If you aren’t sure, connect with your United Way staff partner.

Offer engagement activities

When people can actively participate to learn about an issue, they feel more connected to it. United Way offers diverse and unique opportunities to engage your co-workers to learn about local social issues and get more involved in helping their community.

Engagement menu

This list of popular activities available to your company is a great starting point. Take a look, see what you’re interested in, and connect with your United Way staff partner.

Download the menu

Engagement portal

For the latest listing of opportunities and to book a activity with United Way, visit our engagement portal. The portal is only open to companies running a United Way campaign. If you aren’t able to log in, email your United Way staff partner for assistance.

Please contact for any questions relating to running a raffle or to request the document to run a BINGO.

Engagement activities poster templates

Customize and add your information to these poster templates so people know the details of your engagement activities. These templates are sized for easy digital sharing and can be printed on 11 x 17 paper to put up around your office too.

Wrap up your campaign

After your campaign ends, it’s important to share your results with your co-workers so they know the impact they’ve helped to create. We have a few templates to help you close your campaign with a big thank you!

Thank you template

Customize this template to thank volunteers, your campaign committee, ambassadors, and others for helping run a successful campaign. The template can be used as a poster to print for your office or as a certificate.

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Thank you email

Use our email template (last page of this doc!) to share your campaign results and thank everyone for participating. You can also use the graphic on your intranet, online giving system, or other digital systems your organization uses.

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Get social with your campaign

Social media is a great way to show your staff, customers, and others how your organization is giving back to your community. Tag United Way in your posts and use #BeUnited—we’d love to share what you’re posting!

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