Ways to Give

You have the power to improve local lives

Your donation makes a meaningful difference and helps everyone across Calgary and area thrive. Click the images below to learn about the different ways to give, how far your donation goes in the community, and other benefits of giving.

Donate online

Make your donation online

Planned Giving

Ensure long-term investment in the community

Gifts of Securities

Donate Gift of Securities to maximize your giving and your impact in the community

Corporate Sponsorship

Build a great community through value-aligned sponsorship opportunities

Tax Benefits

What are the tax benefits?

Your donation of cash, securities, and other assets to United Way is eligible for valuable charitable tax credits, which can reduce the federal and provincial income tax you pay every year. When you donate to United Way, your tax receipt is processed automatically; many donors choose to consolidate all of their giving with United Way and receive one comprehensive tax receipt as a result. This ensures they don’t miss out on any tax benefits and simplifies the tax filing process overall.

For an annual taxable income of less than $246,752:

The first $200 of all your charitable giving entitles you to a tax credit of 25% (10% provincial tax credit and 15% federal tax credit).
You are entitled to a tax credit of 50% for all charitable gifts exceeding the initial $200 (21% provincial tax credit and 29% federal tax credit).
If your annual taxable income is more than $246,752 you may be eligible for further tax credits. Please contact a financial advisor for more information.

To see your exact tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax calculator.

The chart below demonstrates the considerable tax savings at various giving levels*:

Tax BenefitsCore
$1 - $1,199Leadership
$1,200 - $9,999Major
$10,000 +
Annual Donation$120$600$1,200$5,000$10,000$25,000
Alberta Tax Credit$72$204$330$1,128$2,178$5,328
Federal Tax Credit$18$146$320$1,422$2,872$7,222
Cost After Tax$30$250$550$2,450$4,950$12,450
*These examples are based on an annual taxable income of less than $246,752. Please consult a financial advisor to learn more.

Levels of Investment

You have the power to create positive impact in your community.
No matter the size, every investment contributes to creating lasting social change and improving local lives.

Core Giving

Core Donors are core to creating change in communities throughout Calgary and area by giving $1–$1,199 annually.

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Leadership Giving

Leadership Donors lead change in Calgary and its surrounding area through investments of $1,200–$9,999 annually.

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Major Giving

Major Donors create major impact in our community, with generous investments of $10,000 or greater annually.

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