Helping kids succeed

Less than 50% of kids are developmentally ready for kindergarten.

1 in 5 Calgary students do not complete high school on time.

Over 3 million of Canadian youth are at risk for depression.

For every local youth that doesn’t finish high school, it costs society $18,300 annually.

Every kid deserves a chance to have a great life—to develop from a curious, happy child to a healthy and productive member of society. But in order for that to happen, kids need to be set up for success from an early age. And for those growing up in poverty, witnessing domestic violence, or facing issues like mental illness or neglect, this is often not the case.

That’s why United Way works with partner agencies to invest in early-years and mental health supports for kids, and education and employment opportunities that help youth successfully transition to adulthood. By investing in their lives—from early childhood to young adulthood—we ensure kids in Calgary and the surrounding area have everything they need to thrive today, and in the future.

What’s being done

All In for Youth

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Planet Youth Calgary

Learn how we are working together with local partners to support better lives for local young people.

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Meet the kids we’ve helped


After Samantha moved to Canada, United Way helped her become a community leader.


When Jayce’s kids, Nadine and Chase, were falling behind in reading, she felt like she’d failed them.


When she faced homelessness at 16, school couldn't be Bryanna's priority. Now, that's changed.

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School and Career Success

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