Make giving easy—and rewarding!—for your co-workers

Breaking down barriers to encourage more participation

As you run your workplace campaign, it’s helpful to understand some of the barriers people might face when it comes to giving—that way, you can overcome those challenges and meet (or exceed!) your fundraising goals. A main obstacle could be the ease (or lack thereof) of making a donation. We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; that’s why a variety of options exist, depending on what best suits the unique needs of your organization. From paper pledges to payroll donations to online giving, you name it, we’ve got it.

So making the giving process hassle-free is excellent… but it’s not just the physical act of making a donation that needs to be considered. To be truly successful, the real work needs to begin before that point by making the decision to give a no-brainer. So what questions might people have along the way? One example could be wanting to know exactly where, and how, their hard-earned money will be used. Maybe they’ll wonder if they’re actually making an impact in the grand scheme of things. Or if they’ll get a break in their taxes at the end of the day. These are big questions, but you’ve got the answers, or at least you will by the time you finish reading this page. Now you can show people that giving is a worthwhile investment, and convert them into passionate supporters!

Ways to donate

Pledge forms

These are the most popular paper forms. If you’re looking for another pledge form, please see our specialized donation forms below.

WHO’S IT FOR? Anyone in your workplace
HOW TO USE IT: Use as a desk drop to help people invest in social change for our community

General Pledge Form – For gifts of any amount from an individual
Corporate Pledge Form – For gifts from companies, organizations, and other businesses

Payroll donations

Giving through payroll deductions can be the most convenient way to donate. Payroll deductions benefit employees by allowing donations to be spread throughout the year. Learn how to set up payroll deductions for your workplace.

Online giving

Go paperless with our online workplace giving tools! A personalized link is emailed to your co-workers, linking them to our online system where they can choose the donation method that works best for them. If you’re interested in using the online system, contact your campaign manager.

Investment levels

Learn more about our different investment levels and how people can make an impact on our Donation Options page.

Specialized donation forms

These donation forms are specific for donor needs. Please contact your campaign manager if you have any questions about them.

Donor choice policies

United Way offers this added service to donors, giving them the option to designate any part of their donation to a registered Canadian charity. A $16 processing fee is subtracted for each designation to cover the cost associated with designating your gift, to cover a portion of the costs associated with processing and distributing those donations.

Tax benefits and receipts

Donations qualify for great tax benefits. See what it costs per pay period, after tax incentives, to make an impact. For more information about tax credits, please visit the CRA website.

Special event tax receipt request forms

These forms help record donations from your event and ensure United Way has the required information to issue tax receipts where applicable under the CRA guidelines. Please read through our Special Event Tax Receipt and Guidelines to determine which form to use. If you have any questions, please contact your campaign manager.

Saying thank you

After your campaign ends, it’s great to share your results with your co-workers. Communicate your totals and let people know how that will improve lives for people living in Calgary and the surrounding area. Thank everyone who contributed both financially and as a volunteer.

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