Ready for school?

About 1 in 4 children in Calgary will face challenges in key developmental areas as they start kindergarten this year. And even though they will be able to continue building their skills in school—phew!—there are a number of things you can do to set them up for success early on.

Did you know? There’s one really simple thing you can do to make sure children build kindergarten readiness skills. Find out what that is from our friends at Calgary Reads and the First 2000 Days Network when you click the button below.

A backpack with zipped pockets

of kindergarten-aged children in Calgary are experiencing challenges in one or more key developmental areas

If they don’t know what this is called or how to work the zipper, they may not be ready for school.

Our take on your school supply list. Print this out and keep it handy!

A child’s future health, learning, and behaviour begin to develop in their early years, and gaps in development can have long-term effects on a child’s confidence and competency to succeed. That’s why United Way invests in programs and services that support children and youth to develop the skills they need to thrive—because when children grow up emotionally and socially healthy, it carves the way for a brighter future, benefiting our entire community.

It starts from the moment they’re born…

Explore the “I’m Ready” booklets below from the First 2000 Days Network, supported by Calgary Reads. See the skills you can build—and how—to make sure children are thriving when kindergarten starts.

Can’t get enough? Find even more resources on the Calgary Reads website!

For more information on the First 2000 Days Network and to download the booklets in other languages, please visit here.

Get Immersed: More Stories

You don’t have to be a scientist to learn how the brain develops—we break it down for you. Plus, learn how anxiety can create barriers for children in the classroom and beyond, and how parents can recognize and address early signs. Finally, a touching perspective from Karen Gallagher-Burt, executive leader of community investment at the Canadian Mental Health Association in Calgary, who emphasizes the importance of never giving up on kids who face developmental challenges.

A toddler looks at blocks on the floor

Healthy brain development in kids

Seeing your baby’s first tooth come in, watching your two-year-old excitedly point out a red car, cheering on your four-year-old as they write out their first letters.


What your child’s behaviour could be trying to tell you

From the moment they're born, infants, toddlers, and young children alike are experiencing wonder, awe, joy, and—sometimes—anxiety.

Karen Gallagher-Burt at the Social Impact Lab

Foster mom never gives up on kids because it’s never too late

Karen Gallagher-Burt, foster mom of 44 children over 20 years, knows a thing or two about helping kids who've had troubled experiences grow into successful adults.


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