The United Way 50/50 jackpot is now over $80,000 – and it’s still growing! Tickets are still available until Friday, December 17th. Have you bought your tickets yet?


The great thing about 50/50 draws is that half of the jackpot goes to a worthy cause. At United Way of Calgary and Area, that cause is your local community. Think about it this way: your ticket not only helps to grow the jackpot – but you also help to grow the community at the same time. Every dollar raised benefits Calgary and the surrounding area.

When you support United Way, you help make an immediate impact right here, where you live. You support local programs to help ensure nobody gets left behind.

Wonder just how much impact the over $75,000 jackpot might make for people living in our community? Check out our Impact Calculator.

Here are just some of the ways the 50/50 jackpot will create positive local impact:

Fulfilling basic needs

We know that 30 per cent of Calgarians have reported difficulties keeping up with their bills because of COVID-19. Families are forced to make tough decisions with immediate needs like food, rent, childcare, accessing technology, and heating their homes. Some households must choose between putting food on the table and paying their utility bills.

United Way invests in programs and services that ensure individuals and families have access to basic needs, so they can move past day-to-day survival and begin to thrive.

Providing mental health resources

According to a survey by the City of Calgary, 50 per cent of Calgarians have reported feeling depressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People across our communities have had to deal with financial strain, stress, anxiety, isolation, health issues, and in some cases, the loss of loved ones.

People are also facing uncertainty and anxiety, not knowing what’s coming next or how to access resources and support. Mental health is a critical community need.

United Way works with partner agencies on community-based initiatives focused on mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention. Mental wellness is essential for individuals of all ages, so we also invest in supports for young people to lay a good foundation for adulthood.

Strengthening community supports

At United Way, we want to make sure there is a strong social safety net for people, so and they can get help and access the supports and services they need when they need it.

We work in partnership with more than 70 agencies in Calgary to improve the quality of life for individuals and families. On average, we support over 180,000 people a year, and we know the needs are even greater this year.

A big 50/50 jackpot is just one of the ways you can help us create this impact. There’s only a couple of days left to get your tickets! The 50/50 draw is happening on Monday, December 20th. Don’t miss out!

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