Inflation, poverty, intergenerational trauma – every day, we are confronted with issues critical to our community that can seem impossible to solve. Issues that need sustainable, collaborative fixes that look years into the future. That’s why the Tomorrow Fund was created: to build long-term community investments that support both current and unexpected needs.

With the Tomorrow Fund, a gift is invested and professionally managed, earning interest that pays dividends into local programs, growing over time and creating an ongoing source of revenue for United Way of Calgary and Area. The fund allows anyone to make a donation that will continue grow and create an impact for future generations. Even a $100 donation in 2022 could translate into a much larger gift in the decades to come.

By creating different opportunities within the Tomorrow Fund, donors and their families can choose what is right for their philanthropic journey.

For the Burtt family, a Family Fund spoke to their love for Calgary and the people who live here. “We believe United Way, with its leading-edge research, and collaboration with government, institutions, agencies and other foundations, is best suited to meet our goal of making an impact to help Calgarians thrive and create lasting change that benefits the community,” said Marlie Burtt, a former United Way volunteer, and former local and national board member.

“We believe in this city’s big heart, resilience when times are tough, and the can-do attitude of the people.”

In 2021, the Tomorrow Fund contributed $3,945,607 into the community, ranging from $2 million to support our community’s COVID-19 recovery relief to $1,187,000 to local programs and collaboratives. United Way Family Funds contributed $758,607 to help address critical issues while creating a brighter future.

“It’s our way to help someone plan their giving, from a bequest in their will, a gifted life insurance policy, a Family Fund, or even a gift of dollars or securities,” said Lamia bin Zayyad, strategic giving specialist at United Way of Calgary and Area. “All those gifts can be invested in the Tomorrow Fund to contribute to the community for years to come.”

“It’s a wonderful way to continue the legacy of a loved one or start a new one for a family.”

With inflation continuing to impact household budgets and mental health and social isolation concerns on the rise, the Tomorrow Fund does double duty to invest in the community’s needs today while extending a gift well into the future. From an economic perspective, it’s an easy decision to make.

“Every community experiences cycles of economic headwinds and tailwinds. Calgary certainly has,” said Mike Broadfoot, who, together with his wife Jacquie, are long-time United Way donors. “Choosing to split our annual gift between the Community Investment Fund and the Tomorrow Fund helps support the health of our social fabric for today, the next decade, and generations ahead.”

The Tomorrow Fund’s 2021 Annual Report contains more information about the impact of the Tomorrow Fund. Visit Tomorrow Fund to learn how you can help make a better tomorrow, today.