Did you know that anxiety in children is one of the most common mental health concerns, along with sadness and self-harm?

70 per cent of adults with a mental illness say their symptoms started in childhood or adolescence, but only 20 per cent of children and youth that need support with their mental health receive it. That’s why The Social Impact Lab, powered by United Way and J5, has launched the Natural Supports Simulation – a new tool to help adults learn how to support kids with their mental wellbeing. (It was designed and developed locally!)

In this interview, Monique Blough, director of strategy and design at the Lab, talks us through how this new resource is helping children and youth access the mental health care they need and shares its positive impact in the local community.

Want to try the Natural Supports Simulation for yourself? Access it here and build your skills and confidence to support kids’ mental health today!

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