At United Way of Calgary and Area, we are passionate about working with people who want to make a meaningful impact in their community – Philanthropists play a pivotal role in our mission to create better tomorrows for everyone. Unfortunately, several myths and misconceptions may deter people from becoming Philanthropists in their own unique way.

Myth 1: Philanthropy is Only for the Wealthy

It’s a common misconception that philanthropy is reserved for the super-rich. In reality, philanthropy is for everyone, regardless of financial status. At United Way, anyone can make a difference. What seems like a little to some can be a lot to others, and when combined across a community, small gestures make a big impact. Long story short, it’s not about the size of the donation, but the intention behind it.

Myth 2: All Non-profits Are Created Equal

Just like any other sector, there is a wide range of organizations with varying levels of impact. At United Way, we partner and collaborate with organizations that have a proven track record of making a difference. We ensure that your contributions are directed to our community’s most impactful programs and initiatives.

Myth 3: Philanthropy Has Little Impact

Some skeptics argue that philanthropy makes only a minor impact on society. The reality is quite the opposite. When individuals and workplaces unite, even small contributions collectively create a substantial, positive change. Philanthropy is about addressing the root causes of social issues, which can lead to transformative and sustainable improvements in our community.

Myth 4: Philanthropy is Only for Giving, Not Receiving

The notion that philanthropy is a one-way street is another myth. It’s a proven fact that giving back improves your health. When we invest in our community, we are happier healthier, and we even sleep better!

Myth 5: Philanthropy is a Solo Endeavour

Another misconception is that philanthropy is a solo mission. In reality, it thrives on collaboration. We partner with individuals, businesses, government, and other non-profit organizations to amplify our impact. We believe we can create a stronger, more resilient community together.

In conclusion, philanthropy is for everyone, all gifts, no matter their size, make a big difference for our community. At United Way of Calgary and Area, we are dedicated to busting these myths and promoting the idea that anyone can be a philanthropist. We encourage you to join us in making a meaningful impact in our community through volunteering, donating, or contributing your skills and expertise. Together, we can create lasting change and improve the lives of those in need because a better tomorrow starts with you.

You can make an impact right now by donating today.

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