As we begin another new year at United Way of Calgary and Area, we are taking an opportunity to reflect on some of the campaigns from 2023. Every individual and organization contributing to United Way is making a difference. However, we wanted to take an opportunity to spotlight a handful of workplaces that went above and beyond to create better tomorrows for everyone. Whether it was new and fun ways of getting together to raise awareness around the work we do at United Way or if it was a small team that raised big totals, these stories are inspiring us to reach even greater heights in 2024.

The City of Calgary

The outstanding folks at The City of Calgary always serve as a beacon of community spirit. Organized into over 40 business units, business units have volunteers that participate on the internal Campaign Cabinet. Each boasting a dedicated volunteer, their monthly United Way-focused get-togethers consistently achieved an impressive 80 per cent participation rate. The City showcased a remarkable commitment to the 2023 Campaign season. Almost every business unit in The City stepped up with unique fundraisers and activations such as bake sales, food sales, hot chocolate, Halloween games, and furniture building. Animal Services even stepped up with an Adopt-A-Thon for United Way! Corporate-wide initiatives, including flower day, a duck race, a bus pull, a raffle, bingo, and a 50/50, all collectively contributed to a drive for a better tomorrow.

The University of Calgary

At the University of Calgary (UCalgary), a dynamic team of over 40 volunteer staff formed the UCalgary Cabinet, pushing the boundaries to achieve over 80 per cent of their campaign stretch goal. Through regular cabinet meetings, impactful speakers, and insightful updates, UCalgary has created an environment of collaboration and dedication. The Marketing team flexed their creative muscles with articles on the UCalgary website and newsletters, adding a layer of outreach. UCalgary’s first Campus Wide 50/50, reaching a jackpot exceeding $14,000, demonstrated their commitment to innovation. Over 75 unique events raised over $40,000, showcasing their dedication to building a better future for everyone.

Kingston Midstream

The team at Kingston Midstream almost doubled their 2022 total with an 18 per cent increase in leadership donors and an astonishing 224 per cent increase in total funds raised by leadership donors. With a participation rate of over 50 per cent, they attribute their success to human connections, frequent communication, and a rotating cast of leaders hosting each event. Expressing gratitude to event participants and donors was pivotal in Kingston Midstream’s triumphant campaign.

Surge Energy

Surge Energy experienced a significant increase of 41 per cent in their campaign, driven by the success of their Turkey Bowl during American Thanksgiving. The Turkey Bowl, featuring NFL games, lunch, silent auction, mini putt, and games of “The Oil Price is Right,” became a hit with their staff. Surge Energy’s commitment and creativity in their campaign sets a benchmark for workplace engagement.

Rockpoint Gas Storage

Rockpoint Gas Storage brought the Olympic spirit to their campaign, orchestrating an Office Olympics-themed event and going for the win with a 35 per cent increase in donors. From opening ceremonies with United Way 101 and impact speakers, to team Olympic events and closing ceremonies featuring a recap and metal awards, Rockpoint Gas Storage fully embraced its theme and reached for the gold!

Baccalieu Energy

You don’t have to have a big team to make a huge impact. Baccalieu Energy, with just 12 people, is proof of that concept. Raising nearly $60,000, Baccalieu Energy has consistently increased its total raised yearly since 2018. Their simplicity, dedication, and year-over-year growth exemplify Calgary’s can-do spirit.

PCL Construction

A stalwart supporter for 50 years, PCL Construction celebrated their golden anniversary by generously increasing donations by 44 per cent in 2023. Their commitment to giving back to the community as an employee-owned company has been unwavering, setting an example for enduring philanthropy.

Spartan Controls

With an energizing campaign, Spartan Controls achieved a 16 per cent increase in donors and a remarkable 46 per cent increase in total donations for 2023. Already planning for a bigger and better campaign in 2024, Spartan Controls embodies the spirit of continuous improvement and dedication to making a positive impact.

These workplaces, each in their unique way, have illuminated the 2023 Campaign season, creating better tomorrows for everyone in Calgary and area. Their dedication and creativity have set the bar high, inspiring others to follow suit and make a lasting and positive impact.

Rallying around United Way is a great way to build culture within your team that also allows you to build stronger communities where you work, live and play. Whether your team is interested in supporting United Way, or you’re looking for inspiration for your 2024 campaign, let’s talk! We’re ready to help you get rolling and spark new ideas for the new year.

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